How to Convey Your Message Effectively Online


The internet and social media are now the first ports of call for most people looking for answers to their questions. Google is the number one go-to place for information, with users worldwide trusting its results above other sites. Social media has also become a primary means of communication, allowing users to connect with others in a way that was impossible before.

As such, many companies have adopted digital marketing as part of their marketing mix. However, this isn’t so easy. How do you break through the noise and get your message across? Here are a few ways to convey your message effectively online.

Don’t Be Too Wordy

One of the first things people do when trying to promote a product or service is to go on social media. However, many people have found that writing lengthy posts is unnecessary. A simple one-line message directed at the relevant audience will be more effective than a lengthy post with multiple hashtags and links.

Know How to Use Hashtags

In addition to writing a few words, you should consider the hashtags you use. Too many hashtags can make your message hard to read and may confuse your audience if they are not familiar with them all. You should also remember that adding hashtags could make your post harder to find via search engines like Google and Twitter.

If you have several tags, consider using an image or video instead of a hashtag (and remember that this will be in addition to the video title). This way, you can increase your chances of being seen by both humans and search engines without having too much clutter on the screen.

Use Images Instead of Text for Some Messages

When writing tweets, Facebook updates or blog posts, try using images rather than text for some messages unless you have something important that needs saying in written form. In fact, using images is one of the best ways of conveying your message effectively online, as it enables readers to get a visual representation of what is being said. Your audience will likely embrace and react to videos and photos compared to text.

Know How to Use the Right Banner Designs

Banners are an effective way to highlight your products and services. They can be used on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media platforms. The best way to use them is to place a single banner at the top of your post or page or multiple banners in different parts of the content.

These banners should be designed in such a way that they relate to the content in a meaningful manner. You get to enhance consistency with the right banner template for all your business needs.

Be Funny

While it might not be possible to be funny all the time, you can try to inject a little humor into your posts. This will help in attracting attention and engaging readers. You can also use humor to make your business or product more relatable and, thus, more appealing.

Encourage User-Generated Content

One of the best ways to get people talking about your brand is to encourage user-generated content (UGC). This is content that is created by your fans and followers and can take the form of photos, videos, blog posts or even reviews.

The best way to encourage UGC is to run a contest or promotion that gives people an incentive to create and share content. You can also make it easy for people to submit their content by setting up a dedicated email address or using a hashtag.

Use Testimonials

Nothing is more effective than a testimonial when it comes to promoting your products or services. A testimonial is a first-hand account of someone’s experience with your brand. They can be in the form of written testimonials, video testimonials or even social media posts.

When using testimonials, make sure to choose those that are relevant to your target audience and that convey a positive message. You can also use testimonials to address any concerns your audience might have.


The internet has changed how we interact with one another and given everyone a voice they didn’t have before. People can now express their thoughts on any topic and share them with others without leaving their homes.

Whether for business or advertising an event, knowing how to put your message out determines the success rate. It may also prove to be useful if you implement a market mix modelling strategy to better understand the data of your marketing efforts and make changes when necessary.