The Art Of Personalization: Customizing Corporate Holiday Cards For Your Business


The Art Of Personalization: Customizing Corporate Holiday Cards For Your Business

Instead of sticking to protocol, why not push the boat out with your corporate holiday cards this season? With so many designs, hues, and shapes available, there is a style to suit all companies, meaning you can tailor the card to your brand.

Whether sending to friends, employees, or clients, holiday cards are an asset to your business. They show loyal customers that you appreciate them and allow you to thank staff for their hard work over the year. Boosting and maintaining morale throughout departments is essential for work productivity.

This handy guide delves into the many corporate holiday cards available. Most of which are far from…corporate! Learn more about personalizing your holiday cards without breaking the bank.

Why Personalization is Important

A generic card reveals little about your brand. A personalized card shows your customers and employees that you care enough about them to put the effort in. Whether embossed, glitter-embellished, or minimalistic, the best selling corporate holiday cards are the ones that make your customers, clients, and employees feel special. They’re also a great marketing tool, as a well-designed card will prompt them to contact you in the New Year.

A bland card will harm your clients and employees, making them feel like a faceless number, which gives your clients zero reasons to value your message over your competition, nor your staff to feel motivated.

We’ve listed the top tips below to inspire you and ensure you know how to create holiday cards that are meaningful to your recipients.

1. Make Sure Your Cards are Handwritten

Holiday cards that showcase printed messages lack personalization on many levels. They suggest that every card sent from your firm is identical and that little effort went into creating them. Handwritten messages show that time and effort have gone into the card. The cherry on the cake? A handwritten envelope. Even if you have someone write these on your behalf, adding a personalized note to a greeting card is a great way to capture the attention of your clients.

Including individualized content, such as ‘I hope you and the family enjoy New York this Christmas’ or ‘Looking forward to that round of golf in the New Year’ allows you to treat the recipient as an individual, showing that you had them in mind when filling out the card.

2. Refer to Recipients by Name

Sending a holiday card without a name is a big no-no! Without their names splashed on the inside of the greeting card, your recipients won’t feel any attachment to it. Even if you have to write a generic message, you must address each recipient by name.

3. Choose a Design that Resonates with your Brand or Clients

If sending corporate cards from a gallery, an arty design is a must! However, something more minimalistic and high-end may be more appropriate if it is from a law firm. Try to tailor the design of your corporate cards to your branding and clientele.

A design that complements your business, philosophy, and personality will make it memorable. Your recipients will likely know it’s from you before reading the contents.

4. Don’t Shy Away from Personality

A holiday card should show the ethos and personality of your brand and speak from the heart. In today’s market, the significance of your brand transcends far beyond your logo. Generic messages do nothing to distinguish your Christmas wishes from your competition. Consider all that makes your business unique and create a design that embodies this.

5. Add A Gift

If sending cards from a beauty salon, a jewelry store, or a spa, why not add a gift card to the mix, such as ‘10% off your first visit in the New Year’, or ‘Bring a friend on us!’ Both of these incentives will encourage clients to visit you after the Christmas period. Even a small gesture will delight your recipient!

6.Don’t Forget the Humor

Adding some comedy value to your corporate holiday cards will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Laughter, after all, is the best medicine, and levity can go a long way toward lightening the spirits of your employees and clients. It also makes you more personable as a brand by showing you don’t take yourself so seriously, especially in the holidays!

7. Create a Custom Design

Instead of picking a design online, create your own! This unique way to show clients your skill set is a great option if you run an advertising or design agency. Creating a card never designed before is a surefire way to stand out from the crowd and make an impression on your recipients.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of what design you choose or whether you’re sending it to employees, clients, or friends, customization is key. It makes your clients and staff feel special, and it’s an easy way to show off some of your skill set and send out promotions and incentives.

Points to note? As a bottom line, ensure every card features the recipient’s name and a personalized message. You should avoid generic, printed messages at all costs. You want clients to remember you and employees to be motivated to work for you. The art of personalization is certainly one way to do this.