5 Most Common Accidents Around the World

April 8, 2020

People seem to think that they will never get involved in a car accident at any point in their lifetime. The reality of the situation is that 99% of people will be involved in a car accident, whether as a passenger or a driver. While that might sound terrifying, it is important to note that the large majority of car accidents do not involve any serious injuries and are quickly resolved. However, you should know the common types of accidents and ways you can avoid them. Here are five of the most common accidents that occur around the world.


Rear-end accidents are the most common accident that you will see on the road. These accidents occur daily on roads and highways alike. Whether the person in the back is following too closely, or the front driver slams on the brakes, a rear-end car accident is when a car hits another one from behind. To avoid these accidents, ensure that you are following from a safe distance and can react accordingly with enough time to spare. The issue with rear-ending is that the rear driver is often placed completely at fault and forced to cover the costs of both parties. It is, for this reason, you will see many people attempt scams where they force you into rear-ending them. As mentioned at https://www.brookslawgroup.com/, if you find yourself in a situation where you rear-ended someone and are a victim of a scam attempt, it is important that you hire a lawyer instantly to represent you. Without a lawyer, you will stand almost no chance of winning your case and proving your innocence. If the other person involved in the accident wants to take you to court, do not hesitate to get a lawyer and have them represent you.

Single Vehicle Accidents

There are some accidents along roadways that only involve one car. These are generally due to the driver being tired while driving. This causes them to lack proper judgment and make a critical error while they are driving. To avoid these accidents, you must ensure that you are always paying attention to the road and are aware of the conditions. If it is extremely cold out, prepare yourself for possible ice on the road. You could lose control of your car if you hit a patch of ice. If it is rainy out, understand that it will take longer to stop than normal and roads will be slick during turns. Finally, do not be afraid to turn on your high beams at nighttime, as many people end up driving off the road simply because they struggle to see what is in front of them. Single vehicle accidents are extremely common and can also be prevented at the same time if you stay alert as a driver.

Merging Accidents

When learning how to lane change, you are taught to check your mirrors, signal your intent to change lanes, check your blind spot, and then finally merge over if it is safe to do so. Merging accidents are extremely common due to the fact that people do not check their blind spots in their car. When driving there is a section of the road that you cannot see in the mirrors and therefore you must manually check it by turning your head and looking over. By doing this, you will be able to see if there is a car in the space you are trying to merge to and determine whether or not it is safe to make a lane change. Always ensure that you are checking your blind spot to avoid this common accident.

T-Bones at Traffic Lights

Another common area where accidents occur are at traffic lights. The most common one being a T-bone. Cars that are attempting to make a left turn will often misjudge how fast traffic in the opposite direction is going or will simply not see an oncoming car. This will cause them to attempt to complete their left turn at a time when it is unsafe. What happens next, is that the oncoming car will end up hitting the side of the other car forming a “T” hence the name T-bone for these accidents. These accidents can be extremely dangerous for the turning driver as the side of the car is often not made to absorb an impact like this. Always be cautious when turning at an intersection to avoid this common accident.


Parking Lot Collisions

Parking lot collisions are not high-speed accidents, but can still cause quite a bit of damage to a car. This is most commonly seen when people are attempting to back in or out of a parking spot. They will misjudge how much room they have on a side and end up clipping another car in the parking lot. Always make sure you are checking your mirrors while you are parking to avoid these accidents and be aware of how much space you have to work with. These collisions can easily be avoided by perfecting the art of parking.

 All accidents can easily be avoided by being alert and smart while driving. While you might be doing everything to avoid these accidents, understand that others might commit errors that can force you into these poor situations as well. With this knowledge, you can prepare yourself in these situations to avoid any dangers that might come your way.

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