6 Types of Professors and How to Deal with Them


A lot of students have their own expectations of a fabulous new life in college. There are a lot of movies that also paint a picture of typical college professors. As a result, students try to guess what to expect from them as well.

It is true that professors dominate the lives of their students. You can get a good one that will inspire you to study, or you can get a bad one, who will destroy your interest in the subject in general. Don’t hesitate to order an essay on EssayHub if you find yourself in the second situation. But also don’t forget to keep an open mind!

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It can be easy to hate your teacher for giving you too much homework or for reading a lecture on a hard topic. But is it really the lecturer’s fault? Of course, there are some general guidelines on dealing with tutors in college:

  • be nice;
  • be respectful;
  • learn the material;
  • make sure to find your place in the classroom;
  • remember that they are only doing their job!

For other specific situations, here is a list of 6 types of professors and some tips on how to handle them!

The One Who Is a Morning Person

It’s actually very important to be in a good mood for both studying and teaching. Usually, college students don’t get enough sleep because of endless assignments. So, seeing a super happy lecturer first thing in the morning can feel like a punch in the gut.

The only way to deal with this type of tutor is to absorb their positive energy. You still will have morning classes. So, buy yourself some coffee and try to soak up everything that the professor is giving to the audience. It’s better to have a perky lecturer than a grumpy one!

The One Who Threatens to Fail Everybody

‘By the end of the semester, only half of you will pass my class.’ This is the phrase that perhaps every student heard at least once in their college life. This is an impossible situation a lot of students can’t appreciate. Of course, teachers want you to work hard. But is failing half a class really the way to go?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to do except doing your best at learning. Maybe you can start a study group with your classmates that will help you focus. At the end of the day, studying is their primary goal too!

The One Who Doesn’t Care

What can be better than coming into class and seeing your prof pulling out the TV stand and putting on a movie? This type of tutor is the exact opposite of the ones above on this list. Getting an A in this class is pretty easy: just showing some effort is usually enough.

There is a negative aspect to this type of teaching as well. You can easily forget that college is for studying! Make sure that you create a basic learning plan for the year or otherwise, your tuition money will be wasted!

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The One Who Is a Legend

There is always one professor that everybody knows about. There are stories going around the campus, and every student knows their name. Their teaching is inspiring, epic, and simply legendary. Today, it is rare when an educator is still passionate about their subject after decades of tutoring.

There isn’t a way to deal with such people in the classroom and they are one of the good ones. So, cherish this opportunity and make an effort to learn! If students show some passion, this type of teacher will always encourage and reward them with good grades.

The One Who Wants To Be Your Friend

Playing football outside with your friends? Or just reading and soaking up the sun? There is one type of prof who tries to hang out with the pupils and take part in whatever they are doing. It’s not even about the age difference but the enthusiasm that sometimes confuses the students.

Such interest in the activities of young people is not always bad. Usually, the professors try to create a bond with their learners and let them know that it’s okay to talk to them! Also, these educators will gladly give you an extension on your assignment in case of emergency.

The One Who Is Actually A Teaching Assistant

Okay, TAs are not really professors. But some of them play a pretty important role in the classroom. Students often communicate with their teaching assistants about their homework assignments or bumping up their grades.

Don’t forget that TAs have to finish their own studies and teach a class at the same time. Also, their opinion matters to your lecturers, so be nice to them! A bit of respect goes a long way.