Global Gurus 10 professional certifications to transform your career

John Mattone

Intelligent Leadership® Master Coach.

John Mattone’s Intelligent Leadership (IL) Coaching Certification is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) approved and accredited program which has earned the reputation as being one of the premier executive coach development programs offered anywhere in the world. John Mattone, the world’s top executive coach and the former coach to Steve Jobs, has personally certified over 500 global executive coaches (representing 53 countries and growing) as IL executive coaches, since March 2017—when the IL Certification Program was launched.

The IL Coaching Certification Program will ignite your coaching career, exponentially grow your business and brand as an executive coach and, enable you to offer your clients a proven executive coaching philosophy, process and unique leadership coach development tools guaranteed to produce results and a powerful ROI. Discover the unique and powerful components of the Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching Blueprint created and mastered by John Mattone who, since relaunching his business in 2011, has grown his executive coaching brand and business to what it is today—becoming the most in-demand CEO coaches in the world.

The Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching “Initial Mastery” Certification is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and approved for 22.25 Coaching Continuation Education (CCE’s) Units AND 21.75 Core Credits. Your IL “Advanced Mastery” Certification is approved for an additional 71.25 CCE’s and 52.5 Core Credits. John Mattone Global will award coaches the coveted Intelligent Leadership® Master Coach Certification after successfully completing six additional key IL modules:

IL Speakers Bootcamp™

IL Speaking, Workshops, and Retreat

Culture Speaking, Workshops, and Webinars

Culture Assessment and Transformation

Intelligent Leadership Online Academy (ILOA)

IL Coaching Marketing Success System®

Culture Consultant

Arthur Carmazzi

Organizational Culture Consultant Certification

Organizational Culture Consultant Certification has ranked #1 in Organizational Culture category. A Certified Organizational Culture Consultant Comes With Built In Opportunities and easy solutions with tools, even if you have NO Experience in Organization Culture… Most of the Work is Done For You.  And If you are already an “Expert”, You can 10X Your Profit GUARANTEED with this Certification Course.

Learn the Strategies Successfully used with DELL, Emirates, the Malaysian Govt., Daimler, and more

This course includes 21 modules strategy and implementation processes over 2 Months

  • Why Organizational Culture?
  • Understanding your Consultant Dashboard
  • Before you start – Defining ROI
  • What is Culture Evolution
  • Benchmarking Organizational Culture
  • Culture and Digital Transformation
  • Culture objectives and Motivational fit
  • The importance of trust in culture development
  • The root cause of why trust breaks down
  • Identifying Key Influencers
  • Finding the Enemy
  • Creating a culture EVOLUTION plan
  • Organizational culture leadership
  • Measurement and assessment
  • Assessing managements impact on culture
  • Identifying perception gaps
  • Creating guiding principles
  • Gamifying Culture Values and Behaviors
  • Using Gamification Apps
  • Work Gamification
  • Sustaining a high performance organizational culture
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Arthur Carmazzi

DC Psychology International Trainer & Consultant Certification

Join legions of elite trainers around the world in a 7-day journey of personal and professional evolution at the tranquil and lush Avalon Villa Resort, Bali. Get a learning experience you’ll never forget and apply the science of group dynamics to powerfully grow your business, evolve organizational culture, and enhance employee engagement. This certification program is accredited by the American Institute of Business Psychology, where trainers will get equipped with award-winning tools that have been noted as 42% more effective than traditional training developed by Arthur Carmazzi, currently ranked as the World’s #1 Culture Thought Leader in Organizational Culture by Global Gurus.

• 4 Internationally accredited certificates
• Done-for-you marketing system
• Tools for visible ROI
• Instant credibility
• Cutting-edge tools & systems
• Fanatical support from trainers around the world
• Access to the learning & development metaverse
Get equipped with the complete tools and systems to help you attract high-paying clients and powerfully grow your business.

David Snyder

Killer Influence V2: Defense Against the Dark Arts 4 Day Covert Hypnotic Influence Certification Boot Camp

Killer Influence V2 has ranked #1 in NLP category. Experience the single most powerful covert influence techniques known today through the Killer Influence course. Learn the secrets of covert hypnotic influence and discover how you can use these techniques to create a tremendous amount of influence in your personal and professional life. Instantly allow yourself to heal, grow, and make all of your dreams happen. The Killer Influence system will expand on the lessons learned in the Conversational Persuasion & Influence course, and give you even more awareness and control over your internal emotional states – and what that means for exerting influence in the world.

  • Become a Magnet for Sexy, Beautiful Women
  • Use the “Millionaire Mindset” to Instantly Draw Money to Me Whenever I Want
  • Create Magical Relationships That Are The Envy of All My Friends!
  • Influence Anyone To Do Anything I Want And Love Me For It!
  • Program My Mind to Automatically Attract One Sensational Opportunity After
    Another–Money, Business, Success … You Name It!
  • Exude a Powerful Aura of Confidence, Authority and Leadership that Naturally
    Allows Me to Control Any Situation or Group … At Will!

Rajiv Sharma

MARK Certification: Mindset – Action – Repetition – Knowledge Program

In this program, you’ll discover the power of Mindset, Action, Repetition, and innovating New Knowledge. You will become far more productive in what you do, enhancing your creativity and boosting energy and enthusiasm.

You’ll even heighten your well-being because deep inside, we all are born to make a mark, but many of us have lost that relationship with our best selves. So, in this program, you’ll embark on a journey from productivity to well-being and creativity and positivity. It’ll be profoundly valuable for you as you’ll learn many fantastic and robust insights.

You’ll learn through this program:

  • How to open and evolve your Mindset; turn your ideas into actions so that you not only find success, but you find significance and understand the essence of life.
  • How to create Powerful Habits that will take you to the top of your domain
  • How to get more done and achieve your goals.
  • How to multiply and accelerate your innovation so you develop best-in-breed ideas that allow you to dominate your domain
  • How to do amazing things and be known as a genius in what you do
  • How to calibrate and optimize the routines for effectiveness and success.

Many people have been receiving these revolutionary results in terms of their productivity, their prosperity, their happiness, and their impact on society. You’ll learn to model their mindsets and calibrate them, and you’ll get these extraordinary results in terms of the way that you felt, in terms of your confidence, in terms of your productivity.

You’ll feel more peaceful and more grounded because you’ll be able to develop a mindset of abundance that is like a lighthouse. You’ll grow inside out, and you’ll be more focused and generate ideas.

Through the MARK methodology, you will practice evolving Mindset, taking productive actions, creating powerful habits with Repetition, and innovating new Knowledge with the associated rituals and tactics that many people have learned, and they have got such spectacular results.

Ric Phillips

Become a Certified Communication Coach!

Are you interested in becoming a Communication Coach?

Coaching in general is an exploding industry, and the interest in communication coaching itself has tripled in the last few years.  There are organizations that can certify you as a Life Coach, NLP Coach, Small Business Coach etc. but currently there are very few organizations that can certify you as a Communication Coach, especially like the one that started the industry in 2006 – 3V Communications.  If you think you have the background and interest in being certified as a Communication Coach by 3V Communications, we do provide that service.

You will need to train under our system, learn our courses and philosophies etc. and be assessed.  At the end of training, you will be certified and have a ton of material and knowledge that you can use for your new or expanding coaching business.  Interested?  Please visit to learn more.

Michael Stevenson

Transform Destiny

Transform Destiny is the top Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training company in the world with live trainings across the US as well as a hands-on distance learning home study certification training program. Get certified as an NLP Practitioner, Success and Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner, and TIME Techniques Practitioner in one training. NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer Trainings are also available.

When you become an NLP Practitioner through Transform Destiny, it will not only allow you to help people professionally for pay, you’ll also be empowered to help your family, your friends and even yourself with one of the most powerful set of personal development tools ever invented.

Once you complete our NLP Practitioner Training, you’ll be qualified to work with others professionally and charge clients for your expertise with FIVE certificates, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Success and Life Coach, Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, TIME Techniques Practitioner, and Clinical Hypnotherapist

And the best part is, you can choose to either attend our Live Seven-Day NLP Practitioner Training, or get certified from home in our NLP Practitioner Distance Learning program with one-on-one assistance from a Certified Trainer of NLP.

While many other institutes teach just the required NLP Techniques, we go further. We actually provide you with the sales and marketing skills, business knowledge, and marketing tools to get your practice started and successful as soon as possible, as you will see when you keep reading this page…

Giti Caravan

Caravan Business Coaching Program

The Business Coaching Program offered by Caravan Counselling Services is intended for people in executive positions, some being life coaches or health professionals themselves who are striving for excellence. If you want to take your career or life to the next level, this is the program that will:

  • manage your time more effectively
  • become very efficient in your communication skills,
  • empower your thinking by removing any negative thoughts, behavior, and emotions that have been plaguing you
  • build powerful resources for your future to achieve any goals easily and effortlessly
  • helps you to focus on the solution, overall development and growth during the process of achieving your objectives.

​Our powerful Business Coaching Program will transform your life! This program is a breakthrough opportunity to upgrade your mind. With our help, you will be able to design the life you have always wanted.

​Speak to an expert, Let Caravan Counselling help you to unlock your greatness and achieve what you want in your life.

Jane Anderson

Expert to Influencer Coaching

Take your practice to the next level with 1:1 Coaching.

Ready to stop being a one hit wonder selling once of programs and start selling larger programs to organisations?

It’s time to stop playing small, step into your power and own your message. This is the ideal program to not only learn how to sell but how be accountability to implement each week and start growing your practice with greater impact and influence!

In this Intensive Program, you will:

  • Learn the methodology to deliver programs that are increasing your revenue by at least $500,000 per year to your practice.
  • Uncover how to build over 15,000 followers on your social media, a database of ideal clients and a lead generation plan to grow your business.
  • Achieve at least 3200 on your database of ideal clients and an open rate of 40%. This is the ideal number to grow your practice with full momentum.
  • Identify your Unique Value Proposition to position and market your expertise effectively.
  • Have a powerful social media strategy to be your Industry Influencer.
  • Level up your branding with new logo, identity and style guide for your practice.
  • Identify how to market yourself to speak at events in front of your ideal clients and sell from the stage.
  • Be positioned as a respected expert in your field to increase leads, work with your ideal clients and deliver the programs you want to deliver rather than those you feel like you need to pay the bills.
  • Amplify your profile to create security for your own business and access new revenue streams.

April Callis Birchmeier

READY, Set, Change! Change Mastery 101™


Ready, Set, Change!™ certification program is for a Certification that is offered by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP).

Their offering is training and exam preparation to pass this very difficult certification.

Change Mastery 101 will:

  • Develop your change management skills.
  • Help you qualify and prep for the Certified Change Management Professional™ exam.
  • Add organizational change management to your skill set to impact your project success.
  • Increase stakeholder adoption and implementation success for you and your team.
  • Position yourself as an effective professional who can lead organizational change.
  • Accelerate your professional career by becoming one of the elite CCMP™ rockstars!