Body Language

by Ashok Agarwal

Without uttering even a single word we speak so much through our body language and make others understand as to what we need? Our postures, behaviors, expressions, actions, movements and even eyebrows say much. One’s mind can be read through one’s body language. Generally it is said that what is inside is reflected on your face. Your grieving heart will appear on your face. But here outside reveals as to what is going in your mind. Brain and mind scanning, reading and mapping is made possible through body language. Body language is a kind of non-verbal communication, where thoughts, intentions and feelings are expressed by physical movements. Such movements speak about the signals, cautions and precautions. The aura and glow on your face reflects your charismatic personality. Your looks and actions reflect the the competence and the confidence you have. Your body language goes very far to reveal as to the values in which you have faith. It tells that what type of man one is ? Leaders language is silent body language. They have positive and confident body language. One must be careful as sometimes the face may misguide us. The body language depicts so many things as to what type of life one is living and undergoing what type of circumstances? Whether you are happy or unhappy with your life ? This too is revealed by body language, as the psychologists say. Your abnormal behavior if any too is revealed if your are suffering from mental disorders, ills and ailments such as depression , insomnia etc. due to too much unrest and stress in life . Various phobias may engulf and encircle and mar your life.

In short the body language tells that whether one is a negative or positive personality. If one is cool, calm, still and firm mentally and emotionally that too is disclosed by body language. In short THE BODY TELLS ABOUT THE STATE OF YOUR MIND. OR THE STATE OF MIND IS REFLECTED THROUGH BODY LANGUAGE. One may be of possessive, depressive, stressed, submissive or suicidal nature. Everybody is impacted and moved by the conditions of his life. Man is the product of his MILIEU ( environment ). Indirectly one’s milieu is revealed through body language. Very wide and deep studies and researches are required to be made in the zone of body language so that the negative behaviour can be arrested and positive is promoted. There is need to improve body language, which can be improved by changes in milieu. Multiplicity of factors are responsible to study and know body language in depth. We need to adopt multidimensional and interdisciplinary approach to make fruitful studies in the area of body language. Through body language we can read what is written on the slate / book of mind. It means there is utmost need to bring positive changes in the life / mindset so that we read better and we make life better. We can rewrite on the slate and book of mind . If your life and mind is positive and the milieu is creative and constructive , inspiring and motivating then definitely our body language will be better. If there is animosity in your mind and it is violent and aggressive the same will be reflected through body language . And if you have saintly or leadership qualities you will behave differently. In short, the quality of mind / thoughts / life will impact the body language. AS IS THE LIFE QUALITY SO IS THE BODY LANGUAGE.

Ashok Aggarwal, DELHI

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Body Language

by Ashok Agarwal Without uttering even a single word we speak so much through our body language and make others understand as to what we need?...

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