Body Language is A Primary Communication Tool


by Ashok Agarwal

Body language is the first to influence someone. One comes in to contact with the other person( if in person) first through body language. Although in the present era we seldom meet a person and the communication is through either mails, telephone or other hi-tech means of communication. Even then impersonal means of communication too matter. But physical meetings/interactions bring many things on the forefront. As is rightly said that everything speaks whether words from mouth, your conduct, gestures and manners etc. Language is not necessary to make one understand as to what we have in our mind and heart. More depthness lies in eyes contact than in the words. These things can make or mar one’s life. No doubt body language is most important but the significance of language of mind, heart and soul too cannot be denied or underestimated. Body language speaks many things without even uttering a single word from mouth. Your looks will say many things. Body language is a kind of non-verbal communication where thoughts, intentions or feelings are expressed by physical behavior such as facial expressions, eye contacts, postures & gestures with hands and arms, speech and tone of voice etc. Body language has very deep & wide meaning . It shows whether you are adequately mannered. It too states as to what is going on inside us.

Man is the product of his environment. His body language is impacted by flora, fauna and milieu. Body language is hi-tech & smart language. As every heartbeat says something, every friend says something, so the all your body organs / parts, appearance , looks , shoes, dress , hairstyle say something. BODY LANGUAGE IS A COMPLETE MIRROR OF WHAT YOU ARE INSIDE. THE OUTER BEING REFLECTS INNER BEING. FACE DEPICTS YOUR INNERSELF. Face is the mirror of your mind. We can read one’s mindset , his social and human interaction skills. Body language is a powerful tool. We can read and hear the body language. BODY LANGUAGE CAN EXPRESS THAT WORDS CANNOT. YOUR ACTIONS SOUND AND REVEAL MORE THAN THE WORDS. YOU CONVEY EVERYTHING WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING. Body language can do wonders in your life. Those who have faith in good and holy values of life have better body language skills and are more successful , happy, contented and peaceful in life. Sattvic-minded people have Satvic body language. It has been rightly said that diet impacts your thoughts and which in turn impact your conduct (JAISA AAHAR, VAISA VICHAR AND VYABHAAR) .YOUR INNER BEING CANNOT BE SEPARATED FROM THE OUTER BEING. Your outer being is body language which scans your mind / inner being. Have better body language skills to succeed in life. Be humble, hospitable and compassionate to others . Be good to others and you will find your works automatically done in life. Do not be aggressive and attacking in body language. Develop better, HUMBLE AND POLITE body language skills. One must hone, polish , tone and sharpen his body language skills. The best way for soft body language is developing sacred outlook and attitude to life. The body language skills is a great art. This art can win the hearts and minds of others. Healthy life values make you learn healthy body language skills.

Ashok Aggarwal, DELHI
Dated 5th August, 2015