Global Gurus 12 books you MUST Read in 2023

John Mattone


Unlocking the 7 Secrets to Leading Others and Leaving Your Legacy

Book Authority #43 Best Leadership Book of All Time.
Forbes #1 New Leadership Book (2020).

Best-selling author, the #1 authority on Intelligent leadership and the World’s Top Executive Coach (and, Former Coach to Steve Jobs)

In today’s business world, we find ourselves in a conundrum: all businesses crave superior leadership, yet there remain relatively few truly great leaders. While there have never been so many books, blogs, speakers, and seminars on leadership, global organizations are finding that the supply of leadership talent is significantly lagging the supply of raw intellectual horsepower. And companies are having difficulty finding and grooming the next generation of leaders to handle the fiercely competitive atmosphere and lightening fast pace of change that defines our era.

John Mattone has found a solution to this leadership paradox and developed an approach that cuts right to the core of what holds leaders and aspiring leaders back from greatness. It’s what has made him the world top executive coaches, the “coach of coaches,” and what has drawn Fortune 500 CEOs—from the late Steve Jobs to PepsiCo’s Roger Enrico—to seek his counsel. And fortunately for the business world, Mattone’s secrets are no longer being shared exclusively in boardrooms and executive suites but, are now available to anyone who wants to unlock their leadership potential in his bestselling book, The Intelligent Leader.

Arthur Carmazzi


Globally Applicable Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Ready Culture Gamification Strategies

The pandemic has transformed business and has drastically affected culture. The uncertainty, isolation, and in many cases salary reduction has caused disruption in many people’s lives. GAME ON shares how to apply Gamification to take advantage of newly created unique opportunities to improve morale AND improve culture where it may have been more difficult before. Find on Amazon under Gamification at Work


Copy and apply from 5 case studies where we have successfully applied Work Gamification in 5 different industries… Telco, University, Financial, Manufacturing, and Hospitality. Plus over 80 examples and applications of Reinventing Organizational Culture with Gamification.
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Jason Forrest


The 12 Steps to Achieving a 100% Conversion Rate

In Warrior Selling: The 12 Steps to Achieving a 100% Conversion Rate, sales guru Jason Forrest gives sales professionals the process, mindset, and persuasive language they need to find their inner sales warriorThe author reveals his unique 5-4-3 methodology to help sellers cocreate the highest conversion rate script in their industry and eliminate the inconsistency in their results.

Forrest, leader of Global Guru’s #2 Sales Development Program, is a master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, the science of influence and behavioral change, and a practitioner of accelerated evolution, the psychology of removing fear in high performers. Both inform his Sales Warrior method, which gives a repeatable playbook to effectively understand a customer’s mission, present solutions, and resolve the sale, regardless of what kind of environment the prospect is in.

The Sales Warrior leads, protects, and serves the customer on their journey to certainty and life improvement. Warrior Selling provides the beliefs, foundations, and process to become that top 1% of the sales force.

John Baldoni


Leading Through Change and Crisis

Grace Under Pressure: Leading Through Change and Crisis describes three things leaders need to do when change and adversity strike: take care of their people, take care of themselves, and prepare for the future. And they must do it all with a sense of grace – calmly, collectedly, and compassionately. Grace facilitates courage, commitment and compassion to build connection and community where we live and work.

Radislav Gandapas


Success and Happiness You Can Have It All

Have you ever felt like something was missing from your life, like you weren’t living up to your full potential? Look no further than The Life Matrix. This groundbreaking book will teach you how to take control of your life and achieve lasting happiness and fulfillment.

Using proven patterns and algorithms, you’ll learn how to achieve balance in all areas of your life, including work, relationships, health, and leisure.

With The Life Matrix, you’ll never feel lost or unfulfilled again. Take charge of your life and unlock your true potential with this powerful blueprint for success. Success and Happiness You Can Have it All!

Dean Lindsay


Say NO to Change Management

WINNER of the Business Class News Editors’ Choice Award for BOOK OF THE YEAR

“Important and timely book” – Forbes

“As friend, colleague and assistant to Dr. Viktor Frankl for over twenty years, I can confidently share with you that Dean Lindsay gets it! His ability to integrate the inspirational theories of Dr. Viktor Frankl with contemporary business leadership needs is extraordinary. Dean’s application of Frankl’s concepts of ‘freedom of choice’ and ‘the defiant power of the human spirit’ to modern business is powerfully motivating. Progress Leadership goes beyond telling us to “just do it” and, in a very readable way, tells us how to do it – or, in Dean’s words, how to be progress. A must read for business success!” – Jay I. Levinson, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist and Former Special Assistant to Dr. Viktor Frankl

“Leaders can’t keep change from happening. The only thing we can do is transform how we think about it—and help our teams do the same. Progress Leadership from ‘America’s Progress Agent’ Dean Lindsay is a much needed kick in the pants for every leader. If you would rather be leading progress instead of managing change, read this book!” – Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Servant Leadership in Action

“To Change is Human; to Progress Divine.” – Dean Lindsay

Monte Wyatt


Adding Zeros to Your Company Isn’t Magic

Well run and successful businesses seem to operate as if by magic – but few people see the enormous amount of hard work that goes on behind the scenes to create that illusion. Pulling Profits Out of a Hat shows that business magic is dazzling, but no illusion. It’s the result of discipline, measurability, and accountability in every area of the company. Monte Wyatt reveals the disciplines that govern every aspect of a company’s ongoing success: Strategy, Business Development, People, Execution, and Mission. These disciplines show how your business can achieve exponential growth with greater employee engagement, client retention, increased profit, and in creating a positive impact in your community. Pulling Profits Out of a Hat is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best Seller and creates an organization that is sustainable, predictable, stable, consistent and has an emotional connection.

Alisa Cohn


Grow Your Leadership to Grow Your Business

From Start-up to Grown-up is a remarkable book that focuses on how to grow as a leader, whether you are a start-up founder or work in a large company. It covers the personal growth you need to do as well as a lot of practical strategies and tools you can use immediately to help you be a better leader today. There are scripts in the back of the book to help you tackle difficult and delicate conversations with ease. Written in an irreverent style and packed full of stories, this book is a delightful read and a very useful book to help you achieve your goals.

Tiffani Bova


Changing the Way You Think About Growth

From the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Growth IQ comes a guide to enhancing customer and employee experience simultaneously for unprecedented revenue growth

In the war for customer acquisition, businesses invest millions of dollars to improve customer experience. They deliver packages faster, churn out new products, and endlessly revamp their UI, often putting greater strain on employees for diminishing returns. According to Tiffani Bova, this siloed focus on customer experience – without considering the impact on your staff – actually hinders growth in the long run. The most successful companies adopt an Experience Mindset that strengthens both employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) at the same time.

Brian Moran


Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months

The 12 Week Year is a process forged in the field of sports, used by world-class athletes and transformed for business and everyday life by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington.

This is not a book of theory. The 12 Week Year has been vetted by thousands of clients and hundreds of companies, and is backed by years of real life experience. In this groundbreaking book, the authors unlock the simple secret to help you accomplish more in 12 weeks than most do in 12 months.

Tim Draper


A Guide and Textbook for Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

From Billionaire Venture Capitalist Tim Draper:

I hope that this book will inspire you to act. To make that move. To fulfill your vision. I want to take you closer to your goal, whether that be building a billion-dollar unicorn, starting a revolution, or just helping you better understand that change of any kind starts with you. You can be the Startup Hero.

Startup Heroes are the ones that drive progress, and whether you bring us to another planet or make your neighborhood a nicer, happier place, you can become a Startup Hero. This book helps you take the first step.

The step will be different for everyone. It might be to call that customer. It might be to draw up a design concept. It might be to talk to your boss.

With this book, I hope to guide people to think big, drive change and go full speed ahead. I am giving them a pledge to do their work for good, and I am giving them some of the tools they need to accomplish their goals.

Michelle Tillis Lederman


7 Mindsets to Grow Your Influence and Impact

Become a real influencer and have a lasting impact on your life and the lives of others!

In this global, hybrid, and polarized world, connections―particularly diverse and inclusive connections―are more important than ever. Expanding your connections and being an inclusive Connector is critical to attaining faster, easier, and better results.

Perhaps you are already networking, but that effort is not translating into impact. Does everyone seem to be getting farther ahead even though you are just as smart? Are you looking for a new job or up for a promotion? Do you have great ideas, but no one seems to be listening to them?

If any of these questions resonate with you, Forbes Top 25 Networking Expert Michelle Tillis Lederman has the answers you’ve been looking for. And, even if you are already a Connector, this book will help you take it up a level, enabling you to become a modern-day influencer and increase your impact on others – and your world.

Connectors think and act a certain way, making things happen faster, easier, and often with better results. In this book, Michelle explains:

  1. How YOU can build relationships and connections that are critical to YOUR results, success, and happiness.
  2. How YOU can develop a way of thinking and acting that enables stronger relationships.
  3. How YOU can infuse these mindsets and behaviors into YOUR interactions and see the impact.

Recognized by Global Gurus as one of the top communications professionals in the world, Michelle Tillis Lederman has curated connections and includes expert advice from over two dozen authors, coaches, and business owners including Marshall Goldsmith, Dorie Clark, Ivan Misner, and more.

Regardless of your goal – whom you know and who knows you will lead to opportunities.

It is the strength of your relationships that leads to your success.

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