Global Gurus 20 Books to make 2022 your Best Year Ever


John Mattone

The Executive Coach’s Handbook

This book presents a comprehensive guide to launching and sustaining a successful career as an executive coach based on the lessons John Mattone has learned during his illustrious career. A blend of both philosophical and practical advice, the book presents a compilation of articles that explore the many aspects of the coaching process, from how to pitch yourself as a coach, to dealing with common coaching challenges, to the nuts and bolts of unlocking leadership potential in your clients. Written for both experienced coaches and those who are just starting out, it will inspire, educate, and empower you to become better at what you do.

This book is dedicated to the “early adopters” of our Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching: Decades of Coaching Success (ILEC) franchise based in the US and Canada and Intelligent Leadership Coaching International: Pioneered by John Mattone (ILCI) franchise based in the UAE, Europe, India, APAC and LATAM Regions. Our early adopters are extraordinary people, special leaders and immensely talented executive coaches who believed in me (us) and joined us on our mission to Change the World One Leader, One Organization at a Time.

We also dedicate this book to the hundreds and perhaps thousands of future ILEC franchisees and ILCI licensees who will likewise join us on our mission!

Thank you ILEC and ILCI Teams!


Arthur Carmazzi


Globally Applicable Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Ready Culture Gamification Strategies

The pandemic has transformed business and has drastically affected culture. The uncertainty, isolation, and in many cases salary reduction has caused disruption in many people’s lives. GAME ON shares how to apply Gamification to take advantage of newly created unique opportunities to improve morale AND improve culture where it may have been more difficult before. Find on Amazon under Gamification at Work


Copy and apply from 5 case studies where we have successfully applied Work Gamification in 5 different industries… Telco, University, Financial, Manufacturing, and Hospitality. Plus over 80 examples and applications of Reinventing Organizational Culture with Gamification.
Order on Amazon and receive the Squadli Behavior Gamification App FREE ($46.80 Value)

Stronger Through Adversity

Joseph A. Michelli

Stronger Through  Adversity

World-Class Leaders Share Pandemic-Tested Lessons on Thriving During the Toughest Challenges

COVID-19 has disrupted business and life in ways we never imagined. Within days of the outbreak, Joseph Michelli—the world-renowned business expert who has cracked the leadership codes of Starbucks, Airbnb, Mercedes-Benz USA, and many other top companies—went to work.

He contacted 140+ senior leaders at major companies about their specific challenges and how they were meeting them—getting raw yet thoughtful real-time insights into a crisis that will define an entire generation of leaders. The result is Stronger Through Adversity. In this business guide for our times, Michelli distills best leadership practices that can be used in any company, in any industry. Organized into four main themes—Set the Foundation, Build Connections, Move with Purpose, and Harness Change—Stronger Through Adversity provides a deep dive into the methods, tactics, and approaches leaders have used to keep their company afloat and to position it for success long after the pandemic.

You’ll get invaluable insights into crisis management, keeping employees and customers safe, maintaining a culture of engagement, and rapidly innovating. Applying powerful leadership methods used by Microsoft, Starbucks, Google, DHL, Target, Verizon, Kohl’s, Marriott, and many others, you’ll seize and hold the competitive edge in your industry. Whether you run a Fortune 500 company, own a small business, or manage a department or team—this is your moment.

Stronger Through Adversity delivers everything you need to prosper—to lead your people to an unprecedented recovery, to weather the toughest challenges your business faces from the pandemic and beyond, and to thrive in all storms, large and small.

Grace Notes

John Baldoni

Grace Notes

Leading in an Upside-Down World

Grace Notes: Leading in an Upside-Down World addresses the fear, isolation, resilience, and endurance that faced leaders in an unprecedented time. The arc of the book, marked with ups and downs, begins in a place of darkness but ends in a place of light and hope. Grace Notes reveals how leader can become more resilient and more capable of leading themselves and their teams.

The author’s photography provides an added dimension that augments the tone and provides visual punctuation. Grace Notes will provide readers with insights into how to live more purposefully and with greater grace.

Brand Intervention

David Brier

Brand Intervention

33 Steps to Transform the Brand You Have into the Brand You Need

Amazon’s #1 Bestseller is responsible for over $6 Billion in sales. Unlike any other business book on branding, this book will change the way you brand and give the tools to outthink the competition and stay ahead of where your customers will be.

Recognized as Google’s #1 Ranked expert on rebranding, David Brier put his 4 decades of branding wisdom into what many call “the branding bible.” Daymond John of FUBU and Shark Tank wrote the forward saying, “You don’t have to have money to brand as David will show you. It’s a mentality. It’s actually acting like you don’t have any money and forcing creativity, exercising what I call ‘The Power of Broke.’ ”

Even Undercover Billionaire Grant wrote, “David is a branding genius.”

Claude Silver (Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia) wrote, “This is not only an outstanding book on branding but is an excellent example of branding, design, and content I keep in my office. I only wish I had this book at the beginning of my career.”

Why Design Matter

Debbie Millman

Why Design Matters

Conversation With The World’s Most Creative People

Why Design Matters: Conversations with the World’s Most Creative People—the first book about one of the world’s first and longest running podcasts. Publisher’s Weekly states “The candid musings teem with insight and empathy. This sparkling collection is one to be savored slowly.”  Read More

What Your Boy Says

Sharon Sayler

What Your Body Says and How to Master the Message

Inspire, Influence, Build Trust, and Create Lasting Business Relationships 

“This fascinating book shows you how to become more influential and persuasive with every person you meet.” ~Brian Tracy, Author of ‘The Power of Charm.’

You know, communication is more than words — to get to the next level of leadership and charisma, you must know what message you are sending with your body language too.

‘What Your Body Says and How to Master the Message,’ published by Wiley, will completely shift how you communicate personally and professionally. This book gives you the straight-up how-to to unify what your body language is saying with the words you use, and is filled with useful tools, strategies, illustrations, and techniques with the keys to
• Speak intelligently while looking smart, engaging, and real,
• Deliver unpleasant messages without pain or guilt,
• Having a committee meeting and getting something done,
• Understand the true meaning of what others are saying along with messages you might be unconsciously sending, and more.

Author Sharon Sayler, MBA, PCC is affectionately known as ‘the difficult people whisperer.’ As an ICF-PCC Certified Executive, Leadership and Wellness Coach, Trainer, and Consultant, Ms. Sayler works with executives, entrepreneurs, universities, corporations, individuals, and organizations worldwide.

“As a person who has devoted his life to communication, I stand in awe of Sharon Sayler’s brilliant book, ‘What Your Body Says and How to Master the Message.’ It reveals essential truths in a very readable way, and anyone who reads it will be able to capitalize upon the enlightenment she offers in better understanding and communicating any kind of messages.” ~Jay Conrad Levinson, The Father of Guerrilla Marketing, Author, ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ series of books.

How To Be Heard

Julian Treasure

How to be Heard

Secrets for Powerful Speaking and Listening

2019 Audie Award Winner for Best Audio Book in Business and Personal Development
HuffPost 20 Best Business Books of 2017
Winner of the Best Voiceover-Audiobook Narration at the 2018 Voice Arts Awards

Transform your communication skills! Have you ever felt like you’re talking, but nobody is listening? Renowned five-time TED speaker and author Julian Treasure reveals how to speak so that people listen – and how to listen so that people feel heard. As this leading sound expert demonstrates via transformational insights, interviews with world-class speakers, professional performers and CEOs atop their field, the secret lies in developing simple habits that can transform your communication skills, the quality of your relationships and your impact in the world.

How to be Heard includes many simple but powerful exercises that are as effective at home as they are in the boardroom or on a conference call. Julian Treasure offers an inspiring vision for a world of effective speaking, listening and understanding, and shows you exactly how to enter it.


Hortense Le Gentil


Connecting Your True Self with the Leader You’re Meant to Be

Have you ever felt like you were on a roll? Time slows, and you see everything clearly. You instinctively know what to do and have the profound feeling that you are on the right path. This is what leadership coach Hortense le Gentil calls alignment: the congruence of who you are and what you think, feel, and love on a fundamental level with what you do, say, and envision for your future.

Told through the personal and professional victories of her clients, revealing case studies, and Hortense’s own journey towards alignment, her book is an inspiring and intuitive approach to a concept as enduring as it is momentous.

The Bellwether Effect

Lance Secretan

The Bellwether Effect

Stop Following. Start inspiring

As a CEO of a large health system, our organization engaged Lance and his team at the Secretan Center to guide a cultural change that strengthened the leadership skills throughout our organization and thus enhanced our success.

The Bellwether Effect is the most complete description of strategies we used to improve our performance, and it is simply the best description of mistakes organizations make and suggestions for positive change that I have read. This book is refreshingly practical and has many how-to examples that can be used by leaders who wish to find a new way to create positive change.

Every leader can profit from Secretan’s thinking on leadership and change. The Bellwether Effect ought to be considered an owner’s manual for all leaders wishing to understand why methods often used are not working and how we can inspire a new model of leadership. This book is just what most leaders need. —Joseph C. Calvaruso, Senior Vice President, Ohio Health

Charles Ryan Minton

Thanks for Coming in Today

Creating a Culture Where Employees Thrive & Customer Service is Alive

By providing your customers and guests with an unforgettable experience, your business can build customer loyalty and gain an edge over your competition. But what most managers forget is that great customer service starts with happy employees. To take your organization to the next level, you need to work from the inside out. In Thanks for Coming In Today, Charles Ryan Minton, an awarding winning hotelier, keynote speaker and author, shows you how to build and retain an all-star customer service team by establishing an environment in which employees can thrive. He explains how to empower your staff so that they can turn complaints into kudos, identify potential problems before they occur, and make even the minutest detail of a patron’s experience memorable. With this book, you’ll find immediate, low-cost solutions to transform your workplace culture into a customer-centric enterprise. Your employees and customers will be pleased—and so will you.

Mark Scharenbroich

Nice Bike – 2nd Edition

Making Meaningful Connections on the Road of Life

The award-winning book, “Nice Bike – Making Meaningful Connections on the Road of Life”, by Global Guru – Motivational Speaker – Mark Scharenbroich, is a collection of stories based on making meaningful connections with others in both work and in life. It’s about being a part of a community, knowing that contributions matter and experiencing a greater affiliation with others.

Nice Bike can help you with your daily interactions, create more meaningful relationships and add more joy in your journey of life. When you have a better understanding of how to make meaningful connections, you can live a life filled with a greater success. Acknowledge, honor and connect and you will change the world, one person at a time.

The Nice Bike book is a great read for all ages. The Nice Bike stories will have you laughing, learning and bring a tear to your eye.

Terri Levine

The Conversion Equation

A Proven Formula to Attract High-Level Prospects, Close More Sales, and Increase Your Profitability

The Conversion Equation is a no-nonsense guide for business owners to ensure their business gets more prospects, closes more sales, and makes more money immediately.Times have moved on, yet businesses haven’t changed their sales and marketing. Buyers are more knowledgeable and the traditional lead generation techniques of direct mail, exhibitions, telemarketing are no longer effective. The days of persuasion selling are gone while 61% of business owners say lead generation is their top challenge. Most businesses are doing marketing all wrong and wasting valuable time, spending hard-earned money, and using up limited energy on marketing that is not proven and does not work.

In The Conversion Equation, best-selling author Dr. Terri Levine shares a proven process that has grown 8 multi-million-dollar businesses for her personally and has helped more than 6,000 business owners worldwide. She shows what is being done wrong in marketing and how to quickly shift to what works that is little known by almost all business owners. The Conversion Equation provides a process that can grow any business in any environment or situation. Terri teaches how to first have the right inner mindset, framework, and beliefs to generate qualified leads and have them close themselves. She combines her knowledge of human behavior and blends it with her Conversion Equation. The unique approach of this information is why her clients create more income fast.

Sally Helgesen

How Women Rise

Break the 12 Habits Holding You Back from Your Next Raise, Promotion, or Job

An international best-seller, How Women Rise identifies the 12 habits and behaviors most likely to hold women back as they seek to advance in their careers and reach their fullest potential.  Sally Helgesen, the world’s premier leadership expert, and Marshall Goldsmith, the world’s number ranked executive coach, have drawn insights from their combined six decades of experience to identify these internal barriers. The goal of this book is to help women achieve greater satisfaction in their work and their lives while maximizing their impact on their organizations and ultimately the world.

Mark Nation

Made for Amazing

 An Instrumental Journey of Authentic Leadership Transformation

This inspiring parable offers a framework for purpose-driven leadership unlike anything we’ve seen, at a time when we could all benefit from a greater sense of meaning. An essential guide to help you unlock your giftedness, transform your life, and create an enduring legacy of success and significance.

Sylvia Lafair

Don’t Bring It to Work

Breaking the Family Patterns That Limit Success

Award-winning “Don’t Bring It To Work” pinpoints the behaviors that can make you sink, swim, or merely muddle through your career. Take your work life, your team, or your company to the next level by becoming pattern aware — the step beyond emotional intelligence. Get to the bottom of why conflict is so prevalent in all organizations worldwide. And more importantly, what to do about it using the OUT Technique. You learn to Observe, Understand, and Transform outdated behavior that gets in the way of success. This book includes a wealth of real-life anecdotes and practical exercises that clearly show how you can get beyond innate repetition responses to empower yourself and make profound differences both at work and in your personal life.

Jason Forrest

The Mindset of a Sales Warrior

The Mindset of a Sales Warrior is your ticket to silence your inner critic and unleash the power within you now. Dive into 42 simple, easy-to-apply strategies, with FPG CEO Jason Forrest, and FPG President, Mary Marshall Forrest. You’ll join with some of the top entrepreneurs in the world to free your mind, so you can earn what you’re truly worth. Each strategy comes with a powerful real-world application to bring each one to life with your real-life prospects in your industry today. Learn the key reluctances that keep salespeople from proactively prospecting every day. It’s time to unleash the most authentic version of yourself.


  1.  What is a saleswarrior, and why do you want to be one? The secret to sales success that lasts is embodying these 42 powerful mental models for your life.
  2. The SECRET WEAPON of the world’s most successful people. Everyone teaches you what to do. In this book, you’ll learn the mentality it takes to level up your life.
  3. Solutions that grow with you. In one book, you’ll get a lifetime of learning. Level up your salesyear after year with strategies that help you grow for the rest of your life. Read More

Keld Jensen

The SMARTnership Negotiation Manual

This book is about the most important leadership and human skill that ever existed. The skill to interact with other people. All business is human, – it’s never a relationship between two organizations but always between people. Learn how to negotiate in the world of SMARTnership – the lastest and most advanced negotiation research result developed into a method since ”Getting to Yes”.

The SMARTnership is the world’s most awarded negotiation strategy. Winner of the Best negotiation/tender by the Organization of Public Procurement Officers, The Innovation Award by International Association of Contracting & Commercial Management, The Strategic Award by World Commerce & Contracting, Danish Design Award, Best Management Book of the Year etc.

Ian Altman

Same Side Selling

How Integrity and Collaboration Drive Extraordinary Results for Sellers and Buyers

Discover an integrity-based approach to selling that everyone can embrace, especially your customer. Too often, sellers sell in a way that isn’t aligned with how buyers make buying decisions. Same Side Selling gets you on the same side. Co-authored by Ian Altman (sales) and Jack Quarles (buyer), Same Side Selling shares research on the questions buyers ask when making or approving a decision and guides you to avoid adversarial traps that put buyers in opposition to sellers. With strategy and tactics, discover how to engage your ideal customers, shift the focus from price to value, and quickly get to the truth in complex selling environments.

Gregory Hartley

The Most Dangerous Business Book You’ll Ever Rea

Hone your professional approach to a razor’s edge using lessons from military and civilian intelligence
The Most Dangerous Business Book You’ll Ever Read brings expertise from military and civilian intelligence operations into your business life. It lays out hard-hitting interpersonal skills to raise your level of professional effectiveness and vanquish your competition.

The Most Dangerous Business Book You’ll Ever Read features former Army interrogator Gregory Hartley’s unique system of profiling, formula for persuasion, and framework for establishing expertise quickly. Gregory makes his system concrete with case studies, tables, diagrams, and more.

Question like a Polygrapher
Sort Personalities like a Profiler
Close a Deal like a Hostage Negotiator
Interview like an Interrogator
Network like a Spy
Research like an Intelligence Analyst
Decide like a SEAL
Team-Build like Special Ops