Global Gurus 20 Books to Read this Christmas

Hacking Leadership

Mike Myatt

Hacking Leadership

Ranked by Amazon as one of it’s top business books of the year, Hacking Leadership is Mike Myatt’s highly regarded best selling book on how to thrive as a leader. Leadership isn’t broken, but how it’s currently being practiced certainly is. Everyone has blind spots.

The purpose of Hacking Leadership is to equip leaders at every level with an actionable framework to identify blind spots and close leadership gaps. The bulk of the book is based on actionable, topical leadership and management hacks to bridge eleven gaps every business needs to cross in order to create a culture of leadership: leadership, purpose, future, mediocrity, culture, talent, knowledge, innovation, expectation, complexity, and failure

Would You Do That to Your Mother?

Jeanne Bliss

Would You Do That to Your Mother?

Customer experience pioneer Jeanne Bliss shows why “Make Mom Proud” companies outperform their competition. Her 5-step guide to customer experience and culture transformation makes this achievement possible.

Bliss urges companies to make business personal to earn ardent fans and admirers, by focusing on one deceptively simple question: “Would you do that to your mother?

“Make Mom Proud” companies give customers the treatment they desire, and employees the ability to deliver it. They turn “gotcha” moments into “we’ve got your back” moments by rethinking business practices, and they enable employees to be part of the solution to fix customer frustrations.

Bliss scoured the marketplace seeking companies who excel at living their core values, grounded in what we all learned as kids. She offers a five-step plan for evaluating your current behaviors and implementing actions at every level of the organization.


Arthur Carmazzi


Globally Applicable Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Ready Culture Gamification Strategies

The pandemic has transformed business and has drastically affected culture. The uncertainty, isolation, and in many cases salary reduction has caused disruption in many people’s lives. GAME ON shares how to apply Gamification to take advantage of newly created unique opportunities to improve morale AND improve culture where it may have been more difficult before. Find on Amazon under Gamification at Work


Copy and apply from 5 case studies where we have successfully applied Work Gamification in 5 different industries… Telco, University, Financial, Manufacturing, and Hospitality. Plus over 80 examples and applications of Reinventing Organizational Culture with Gamification.
Order on Amazon and receive the Squadli Behavior Gamification App FREE ($46.80 Value)

Coach the Person

Marcia Reynolds

Coach the Person, Not the Problem

Masterful coaching is simpler than you think. When you apply the five essential practices along with the three mental habits in Coach the Person, Not the Problem, those you coach will break through the frames that limit their perceptions and choices.

They discover new ways to achieve their desired outcomes, make critical life choices, and improve the bottom line in their businesses. The explanations, exercises, case studies, and tip lists will help you quickly master the skills you need to achieve more profound results from your coaching

Rajiv Sharma

Make A Mark In Life

We are here in this world to create our MARK. But most of us continue to lead an ordinary life because even though we have ideas, we fail to take actions and create powerful rituals.

Make a MARK in Life is your gateway to effectiveness and massive success where you learn how to evolve Mindsets, translate ideas into Actions, build powerful habits with Repetition and create New Knowledge. You got it right. MARK stands for Mindset, Action, Repetition and Knowledge.

Using MARK tools, you will create a roadmap to achieve your personal or business goals. It provides the key to unlocking your potential and achieving sustained greatness—a Must-Read Book.

The 12 Week Year

Brian P. Moran

The 12 Week Year

Great ideas and knowledge are worthless unless they are implemented. Knowing is not enough. The marketplace only rewards idea’s that get executed.

The 12 Week Year is the execution system used by world-class individuals and organization to accomplish more in 12 weeks than most do in 12 months. If you want 2021 to be different, join the more than half-a-million who are experiencing the benefits of the 12 Week Year.

The Introvert’s Edge

Matthew Pollard

The Introvert’s Edge to Nerworking

Finally – A Networking Book for Introverts!

The sequel to Pollard’s international bestseller The Introvert’s Edge: How the Quiet and Shy Can Outsell Anyone, selected by BookAuthority as the #2 “Best Introvert Book of All Time” and listed by HubSpot as one of the “Most Highly-Rated Sales Books of All Time.”

Introverts across the world have been sold a lie: One of the biggest myths that plagues the business world today is that our ability to network depends on having the “gift-of-gab.” This is nonsense. You don’t have to be outgoing to be successful at networking. You don’t have to become a relentless self-promoter. In fact, you don’t have to act like an extrovert at all.

The truth is, introverts make the best networkers . . . when armed with a plan that lets them be their authentic selves.

Matthew Pollard, an introvert himself, draws on over a decade of research and real-world examples to provide an actionable blueprint for introverted networking.

In this paradigm-shifting book, you’ll discover how to:

  • Overcome your fear and discomfort when networking
  • Turn networking into a repeatable system
  • Leverage your innate introverted strengths
  • Target and connect with top influencers
  • Leverage the power of virtual and social networking

Whether you’re a small business owner struggling to make a living or a professional who’s hit a career plateau, The Introvert’s Edge to Networking is your path to a higher income and a rolodex of powerful connections.

Click here to download the first chapter free.

Burnout to Breakthrough

Eileen Mcdargh


Even before Covid-19, burnout was deemed a global occupational hazard by the World Health Organization. As an expert in communication and resiliency, author Eileen McDargh provides a methodology for understanding the root causes of burnout, concrete steps to breakout of every-draining cycles, and ways to move into breakthrough to reclaim what matters most. An easy yet provocative read. Find it on Amazon or

“Eileen delivers a new perspective on the burnout crisis with humor, good sense, and unique ideas on how to manage our brains. I owe my daily well-being to her. Keep this book at your side to help you glide through your workday.” –Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, author of The Discomfort Zone and former president of The International Coaching Federation

In Great Company

Louis Carter


Readers hail Louis Carter’s book In Great Company (McGraw Hill) as one of the most seminal books for creating a culture of psychological safety in the next decade and beyond. Carter brings you his tools, models, instruments, instructions, and research on building a culture and leaders who are emotionally connected where employees love to work and achieve together.

The book provides the actual culture audit and instructional aides to develop leaders and culture to become a Most Loved Workplace, a list published by Best Practice Institute, Leader to Leader (John Wiley & Sons) and the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Forum. The Most Loved Workplace list comprises the top leaders and companies that foster a culture of love for employees while achieving excellence in outcomes and strategy.

question are the answer

Hal Gregersen


What if you could unlock a better answer to your most vexing problem—in your workplace, community, or home life—just by changing the question? Talk to creative problem-solvers and they will often tell you, the key to their success is asking a different question. Take Debbie Sterling, the social entrepreneur who created GoldieBlox.

The idea came when a friend complained about too few women in engineering and Sterling wondered aloud: “why are all the great building toys made for boys?” Or listen to Jeff Bezos whose relentless approach to problem solving has fueled Amazon’s exponential growth: “Getting the right question is key to getting the right answer.” Great questions have a catalytic quality—that is, they dissolve barriers to creative thinking and channel the pursuit of solutions into new, accelerated pathways. Often, the moment they are voiced, they have the paradoxical effect of being utterly surprising yet instantly obvious.

For innovation and leadership guru Hal Gregersen, the power of questions has always been clear—but it took some years for the follow-on question to hit him: If so much depends on fresh questions, shouldn’t we know more about how to arrive at them? That sent him on a research quest ultimately including over two hundred interviews with creative thinkers. Questions Are the Answer felivers the insights Gregersen gained about the conditions that give rise to catalytic questions—and breakthrough insights—and how anyone can create them.

Find it here


Inside Your Customer's Imagination

Chip R. Bell

Inside Your Customer’s Imagination

Organizations today need breakthrough products and services to compete effectively. Too often they rely on their R&D units supported by market research. Nailing what customers want has become more challenging since todays customers are more complex and their expectations constantly climbing.

Forward thinking enterprises are going inside the customer’s imagination to discover inventive and valued offerings. Why? Deep inside every customer is a treasure trove of half-baked ideas and ingenuity-in-the-raw.

The key to unlocking this vessel of innovative goodies starts with fostering a safe, welcoming co-creation partnership that will enable customers to discover and disclose their imagination and meld it with the provider’s imagination to create an offering that exactly matches the customer’s hopes and aspirations. It means meeting at the crossroads where the organization’s mission and customers’ dreams intersect.

Emotional Intelligence for Sales Leadership

Colleen Stanley

Emotional Intelligence for Sales Leadership

Sales managers need a fresh approach to improve consistent sales results. Research shows that only slightly more than half of salespeople are meeting quota—despite having more access to technology tools, information and education.

Discover how and why incorporating emotional intelligence in your hiring, training and coaching processes produces hard sales results.

Build trust and relationships through empathy and self-awareness.
Hire salespeople with resiliency and accountability.
Develop your ability to coach the RIGHT end of the sales performance issue.

Equip you and your sales team with the complete set of skills needed to win and retain business.

Leadership Reckoning

Thomas Kolditz, PH.D.

Leadership Reckoning

Since its inception, higher education has claimed to develop leaders. This bold claim appears in college mission statements and mottos, and it is reinforced in recruiting materials and ad campaigns. But is this claim justified? The Doerr Institute for New Leaders’ new book, Leadership Reckoning, takes to task colleges and universities for their haphazard, incoherent, evidence-free approaches to developing students as leaders and offers a principle-driven, outcome-oriented blueprint for how effective leader development can occur.

Higher education has both the opportunity and the responsibility to take leader development seriously and create the leaders we need. It’s high time that happens, and Leadership Reckoning points the way. Leadership Reckoning is set to officially release on January 19, 2021Pre-order your copy today!

The Schoolwide Enrichment Model

Joseph Renzulli Ed.D.

The Schoolwide Enrichment Model

This book provides the information and tools you need to make schools places for developing the strengths, interests, and talents of all students. It is based on 40 years of research and includes practical strategies for differentiating curriculum and infusing high student engagement activities into any and all curricular topics. Details regarding enrichment activities and reproduceable planning guides and strength-based instruments for assessing student interests, learning styles, and preferred modes of expression are included.

Also included is information about an Internet based program that electronically produces an individual strength-based profile for each student and a search engine that selects enrichment activities based on each student’s profile from a 5,000 item enrichment resource data base. The book promotes a “rising tide lifts all ships” approach to organizing a school wide culture of joyful enrichment learning and teaching. Recommended practices come alive by the use of practical examples derived from the thousands of teachers from around the world who are committed to making schools places for talent development. More details at

Catalyst Content

Jane Anderson

Catalyst Content

Over the last 5 years, the content marketing industry has shifted from a $165 billion dollar industry to what will be a $412 billion dollar industry within the next 12 months. The explosion of social media platforms and increase in the number of people consuming content means the average business owner is struggling to keep up with keeping connected to their customers and finding ways to stay in front of them without being spammy.

Equally within organisations, leaders are having to communicate with people in more leveraged ways. Millions of dollars are being spent on installing intranet platforms to increase collaboration and lead people through change by keeping people connected and informed, however most leaders struggle to find the time or are unsure of how to share their ideas, insights and thoughts. In fact, many have the fear that what they have to say and how they say it isn’t good enough, clever enough or that it will damage their reputation.

Today, to shift a person’s behaviour they generally need 10 pieces of content. Within the next 5 years it is expected that this will be over 20 pieces of content. Content creation is no longer a marketing function, it’s a business owner’s and leader’s capability. Your audience wants to hear what YOU think.

The Desire Factor

Christy Whitman


There is no limit to the amount of happiness that we, as human beings, can experience. There is no limit to how much love, laughter, excitement, or satisfaction we can feel. This universe is unendingly abundant, which means that it has the ability to yield to us whatever experiences we desire. Why, then, do some people manifest their desires so fluidly and naturally, while others are living lives of struggle, mediocrity, or quiet desperation? Hard work alone does not guarantee a positive result. In fact, pushing forward with determination and effort when things are not going as planned usually only makes a bad situation worse. Energy – not action – is the source of all manifested things, and The Desire Factor is the definitive guide to achieving energy mastery.

The Desire Factor provides one of the most current, comprehensive, and easy to apply explorations into the realm of energy, and shows readers how – by purposefully calibrating the energetic frequency of their dominant thoughts, moods and expectations – they can bring any desire into physical form.

The book is built around 7 universal principles, each of which assists readers in connecting with and deliberately harnessing the divine energy stream that sources all things.

Ron Kaufman

Uplifting Service

Uplifting Service takes readers on a journey along a proven path into a new world of service. Through dynamic case studies, and perspective-changing insights, readers learn how the world’s best performing companies have changed the game in their industries through service — and how you too can successfully follow this path to uplifting transformation.

This New York Times bestseller is a break-through book that will surprise, delight, and uplift every organization, team, or individual. Inside is a proven process for success, which focuses on the rationale, strategy, and actions necessary to build a powerful service culture within five key areas: Why?, Lead, Build, Learn, and Drive.

Global Leadership Assessment

Will Linssen

Global Leadership Assessment

Guide for leaders and people managers to define their authentic leadership style, assess their leadership effectiveness and plan their development journey. Certified Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360) coaches use this guide to support leaders in their 360 leadership assessment and development journey during coaching engagements and workshops for teams and groups. Our free certification training is available at The GLA360 online assessment service gathers data from the leader and a selection of coworkers to provide a comprehensive view of the leader’s effectiveness, based on 15 global leadership competencies. The coach (or leadership trainer) guides the leader to articulate their authentic leadership model they aspire towards and uses the GLA360 feedback to identify strengths and areas to develop in order to select leadership growth areas and build action plans togetherMore details at: and

The Obvious

Bill Walsh

The Obvious

The book “The Obvious” is a detailed look at many of the Universal Laws to create even more success as an Entrepreneur. After 25 Years of helping small business owners all over the world, Bill Walsh has poured into this book timeless tips, stories & concepts to help the reader survive & thrive in any economy. For all entrepreneurs this book will serve as a guide to stay the course and stay in your lane of expertise to win big! The book has been sold in more than 30 countries since being released to the market.

The bonus gift is valued at over $297.00 for anyone the purchases a copy. You are also welcome to download a FREE copy today by simply texting the word “obvious” to 26786 from your cell phone.

Leading With Gratitude

Adrian Gostic

Leading with Gratitude

The influential New York Times bestselling authors—the “apostles of appreciation” Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick—provide managers and executives with easy ways to add more gratitude to the everyday work environment to help bolster moral, efficiency, and profitability.

Workers want and need to know their work is appreciated. Showing gratitude to employees is the easiest, fastest, most inexpensive way to boost performance. New research shows that gratitude boosts employee engagement, reduces turnover, and leads team members to express more gratitude to one another—strengthening team bonds. Studies have also shown that gratitude is beneficial for those expressing it and is one of the most powerful variables in predicting a person’s overall well-being—above money, health, and optimism. The WD-40 Company knows this firsthand. When the leadership gave thousands of managers training in expressing gratitude to their employees, the company saw record increases in revenue.

Despite these benefits, few executives effectively utilize this simple tool. In fact, new research reveals “people are less likely to express gratitude at work than anyplace else.” What accounts for the staggering chasm between awareness of gratitude’s benefits and the failure of so many leaders to do it—or do it well? Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton call this the gratitude gap. In this invaluable guide, they identify the widespread and pernicious myths about managing others that cause leaders to withhold thanks.

Gostick and Elton also introduce eight simple ways managers can show employees they are valued. They supplement their insights and advice with stories of how many of today’s most successful leaders—such as Alan Mulally of Ford and Hubert Joly of Best Buy—successfully incorporated gratitude into their leadership styles. Showing gratitude isn’t just about being nice, it’s about being smart—really smart—and it’s a skill that everyone can easily learn.