How to Prepare for the NWEA MAP Assessment Test


The NWEA MAP assessment test has a few crystal clear roles. It aims to help teachers identify a child’s strengths as well as their weaknesses. It helps children evolve academically and compares their growth to the average.

It is beneficial for all parties involved, children, parents, and teachers. Preparing for the NWEA MAP assessment test requires time and a little attention to small details. Here is everything you need to do.

Prepare your child for reading

The reading part is relatively simple to get ready for, but it takes time. The idea is fairly simple. To ensure your little one is an active reader, make sure you feed them interesting and appealing materials. You find great information such as what materials to read directly on the NWEA website.

It’s always best to start with storybooks. They can be in all kinds of genres, but particularly in a genre, your kid likes. Both fiction and nonfiction books are accepted. Keep in mind that if your little one likes them, they will be more eager to read.

Poetry is not to be overlooked either, not to mention anthologies.

Finally, if your kid prefers something lighter, go for exciting magazines and even comics. Newspapers are just as helpful, but make sure they get the right type.

Here comes the most important part. Variety is critical. More materials, more genres, more writing styles, and punctuation exposure, this is what you want your little one to go through.

Get ready for the writing part

Mastering the reading part will make writing much easier. Start with the reading and move on to the writing, not the other way around.

Have your kid write as you dictate, whether it is an article or a story. Pay special attention to punctuation, such as commas. Definitions are just as important, such as adjectives or nouns.

Your kid must understand when to apply capitalization, but also what structure means, paragraphs, headings, and so on.

Focus on the math testing

This is the most challenging part for most kids. Why? Simple! It can be quite boring. However, you can make math training exciting.

It mostly implies revisiting what your kid has already learned, from calculations and definitions to graphs. It’s best to use NWEA Map testing scores to make sure that your kid is getting the right results.

Try to make math exciting by applying it in real life. Have your little one calculate the cost of two different products when you go shopping. Let them help you cook and measure ingredients in a baking project. How about calculating the time needed for a journey?

You get the point. Make math fun and apply it day by day. If something implies numbers, get your little one involved, simple as that.

Take mocking exams

Based on how tired your kid is or how much they study in a day, you can take mock tests once a week or even a few times a week. For example, you can do it every other day.

The good news is there are plenty of sources to prepare for the NWEA MAP assessment test. Many of them are available for free, while others come with a premium. Do it again and again and go through the mistakes after each session, only to ensure they are less likely to make them again.

Prior to the examination

Make sure your kid is a bit tired on the day before the examination. Why? You want them to fall asleep early, rather than have emotions overcome them before going to sleep. You want them to go to sleep earlier than normally.

Give your little one a nutritious breakfast, rather than a heavy one, that will make them feel sleepy and tired. Also, hydration is just as important.

As a short final conclusion, preparing for the NWEA MAP assessment test requires time. Your kid is supposed to know everything tested in this examination, but preparing will only make them better. After all, each kid out there will have some weaknesses.

Both the actual preparation and the mock tests will require many weeks of training, so avoid leaving this venture for the last moment.