4 Best Ways to Boost Your Account on Steam


4 Best Ways to Boost Your Account on Steam

It’s no secret that everyone likes improving their gaming experience. It feels wonderful to scratch the XP itch, so it’s wonderful that Steam decided to join in. Each Steam user has a level, and as you progress through the levels, you’ll receive benefits like additional friend slots and better booster pack drop rates (more on those later).


Before moving to the main issue, let’s have a look at some helpful recommendations for newbies:


  • Earn XP by creating badges.
  • Trading cards, which you get while you play games, are used to make badges.
  • A game will only give you half of its complete collection; the other half must be acquired through trading or purchasing on the Steam marketplace.
  • By collecting and crafting the same cards four more times, you can level it up for a total of 500XP and receive 100XP for each badge you create.
  • There are times when you will get booster packs containing three randomly selected cards from a game’s set after crafting its badge. Your chances of obtaining a booster pack increase with your Steam level; every 10 levels you gain gives you a +20% increase in the likelihood that one will drop.


Knowing these fundamentals, most gamers believed that the fastest method to raise one’s Steam level was to buy and play an absurd number of titles. However, now, you’ll realize how incorrect it is – today, we’re going to share with you the pieces of advice professionals provide for every gamer. Actually, you can just trade for or purchase the necessary cards on the Steam marketplace; you don’t need to own a game to create its badge. So let’s not waste time and deal with all the questions together!

1.  Steam Sales

We’ve actually anticipated that making some badges would come after compiling a complete card deck. However, one of the experts informed us that it’s actually preferable to reserve your uncrafted sets for the significant Steam Summer and Winter deals. Every badge you manufacture during these sales events grants you an extra Steam event card that can be used to craft event-specific badges, each of which can be leveled up indefinitely while the sale is in effect.


1.  Getting Fuel from Fodder

You won’t solely get XP as a reward for crafting, either. Every badge you create drops three unrelated objects at random, such as emoticons and profile backgrounds. However, it’s trash with monetary worth, as another expert pointed out. In reality, he used to earn an average of $25 to $40 every day from selling the scraps left over after producing badges. His level was raised to the enormous 903 it’s today by reinvesting that money in further badges.


Unless you’re badgering the newest and greatest games, the majority of your item drops will only sell for a few cents on the market. However, you may use those cents to buy more cards and badges with those extra dollars. Moreover, if no one wants to buy your baseball bat-wielding cupcake emoticon, you can disassemble it into gems, which you can use to create booster packs for additional cards, and so on.

2.  Forgo the Foils

Foil cards are a lousy investment, despite how shiny they appear. Foils are extremely expensive on the market, but a badge made from them earns the same 100 XP as a regular badge. Experts suggest selling your foil cards and utilizing the proceeds to purchase lots of normal cards at lower prices.

3.  Buy an Account That’s Upgraded

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