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Gurus Ranks and Categories

Nominate a Guru

Nomination of a trainer, speaker or thought leader as a guru in the various Gobal Gurus categorys should be considerred with the following criteria:

  • Are their ideas unique and viable, or are they reusing others concepts?
  • Global Gurus are thought leaders, they create new concepts and ideas that promote the development in the areas of their expertise.
  • They affect others through their books, training, speaking and articles.
  • These should be people who influence the professional world.

If the trainer, speaker or thought leader fits this criteria, please nominate them and we will do the rest.

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Global Guru Criteria

In judging the contenders of the various Global Guru Categories, we focus on two groups, which excluded political, military and business people and focused on those practitioners, trainers, speakers and consultants who develop and instill competency in others. The Top 30 Gurus, in their respective categories are the “Cream of the Crop”, the World’s Top 30 most influential Professionals Speakers, Trainers and/or Consultants in their areas and have received more than 500 votes each. All not only apply their own principals to achieve superior results in their organisations, but develop and influence people and organisations throughout the globe.

Our research came from e-mails sent to 22,000 business people, consultants, academics and MBA’s around the world for nominations and our public opinion poll.

We shortlist 60 names then did a Google search for ranking, then requested voting.

The criteria for judging the TOP 30 focused on: 

  • Public opinion - 30%
  • Originality of ideas - 30%
  • Impact of original ideas - 10%
  • Practicality of ideas - 10%
  • Presentation style - 10%
  • Number of publications and writings - 5%
  • Guru factor 5%

Be a Global Guru Judge

If you are not a guru but are an industry professional or credentialed academic, we invite you to be a part of the Global Gurus panel of judges. Judges apply the Global Gurus criteria to assessing whether a trainer, speaker or thought leader meets the benchmarks we have created.

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Let us Publish Your New Concepts

Gurus, Guru candidates, and guru potentials are welcome to submit "unique" content for our over 50,000 monthly visitors across all guru sites, to read and get to know you. Since our visitor are looking for NEW ideas and NEW concepts to solve their problems, you may find that you get some guru votes to support your status.

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