3 Cutting Edge Digital Marketing Trends In 2021

January 27, 2021

Every year brings new trends in digital marketing, and 2021 isn’t any different. Find out what the three cutting-edge trends are this year.

Use Advanced Analytics

Analytics in digital marketing is the process of tracking consumer use on your website. The data is used to entice customers to return and encourage new ones to visit your website.

Previously, digital marketing analytics treated channels like the Web and email as a single source. Advanced analytics treats each channel as a separate entity. Data is collected from all consumer points that include websites and emails, along with mobile apps, social media outlets, content marketing, advertising, and digital displays.

With data from multiple channels, businesses have the information they need to make smart marketing decisions. Tracking and streamlining data is a full-time job, and many companies are turning to outside help.

Firms that provide companies with a customer journey that includes analytics for product or service marketing, sales, and support are one of the trends emerging in 2021.

Do Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t a new trend. SEO has been a friend and enemy of digital marketers for several years.

SEO is the process of ranking your website at the top of the search engine results, particularly for Google. The goal is for your online store to rank in the top three. Due to the number of competitors in almost every niche, scoring high on Google rankings requires more than having a top-rated product or service.

Optimizing search engine results is continuing to be a successful marketing strategy in 2021. It’s also difficult to keep up with. Garit Boothe has made it easier for online businesses to boost their Google rankings and stay at the top. With SEO tools and an expert in your niche, optimizing your website is hassle-free.

Ultimately, hiring out your SEO allows you to concentrate on providing products and services to consumers instead of dealing with the back-end.

Use Video Content in Your Marketing

There is a focus on including video content in marketing campaigns. Advertisements, emails, and website content are still relevant, but videos can reach consumers in a new way.

Most consumers only scroll through content, and advertising email campaigns aren’t always a huge success. One solution marketers are using to reach returning and new consumers are through the use of video content. Videos are more likely to grab customers’ attention than written content.

The type of video used matters. You want to use content that is relevant to your site. Any flashy video will draw attention, but it may not be the right type. Your site may get more visits, but sales are not likely to increase. It also matters where the video is placed. You want it to be noticeable, but not where it interferes with a consumer’s use of your website.


The new year has brought changes to digital marketing trends in 2021. Analytics, SEO, and video content are three trends every online business needs to learn and employ for a successful year.

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