5 Benefits of Having a 9–5 Job before Becoming an Entrepreneur


While becoming a successful entrepreneur is not impossible, sometimes you need to have a regular job before you move to the next step. In other words, a normal job may be a great way to venture into the working force before being in charge of a handful of people.

Basically, going straight into entrepreneurship might be challenging if you don’t have some work experience. So, if you don’t want to be swallowed by stress, a 9-5 job might get you ready for what’s to come. Here are 5 benefits of having such a job before turning into a leader:

  • The Schedule Motivates You

One of the most obvious differences between a 9-5 job and entrepreneurship is the freedom of the schedule. Whereas an entrepreneur has power over his tasks, deadlines and so on, a normal worker has to deal with the pressure of working whenever someone else wants it.

However, when you start off by being able to do what you want, you don’t really have self-discipline and it’s easy to exaggerate or procrastinate a lot. Having a 9-5 job before becoming an entrepreneur will teach you how important it is to have proper time management.

  • You Gain Experience

Working under another entrepreneur will teach you lots of valuable lessons. Basically, you will see how the leader treats the employees, how you feel, and many others. Simply put, you see the world through the eyes of the workers and you can understand what they like and what they don’t.

As a result, you will be able to apply the lessons to your future business.

  • You Need Money

Sometimes, in order to make money, you still need money. With a 9-5 job, you can save the money you need for your startup. You might need to have a tight budget for a while until your business is up and running, but it will be worth it. Many other business owners have started off this way.

  • Having a Sense of Purpose

When you work at a 9-5 job, you have to follow the schedule set by someone else. However, the number of hours you have to put in will lead to stability. By having a normal job, you learn how to follow the schedule, but also build a sense of purpose that will come in handy much later when you’ll be on your own. Especially non-profit jobs fulfill this purpose. Speaking of non-profit, if you’re interested in a position at a NGO check out Non-Profit Jobs NYC for some of the latest listings.

  • You’ll Have a Backup Plan

Having a normal job before you set up your own business can teach you lots of things, such as what ideas will fail and which ones will have good results. Therefore, going straight to entrepreneurship after college will not prepare you for such things. If you work in your industry for quite a while, you’ll learn to accept that some ideas will fail, pick yourself up and keep moving forward. Being a boss from the get-go will not have the same effect, and failure could feel like a fatal blow.

A 9-5 job is very beneficial because it helps you gain experience and save money for the investments. It also teaches you that failure is not the end of the world. It shapes you as a human being and future business owner. If you want to know whether you’re ready or not, pre-employment personality testing will reveal if you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur.