5 Ways to Amplify Your Brand


Getting your brand a bit more notoriety is always desired, and for some companies, this is an ongoing ambition, particularly if they’re struggling to get their name to the fore in their industry. When the competition is so tough out there, how can you at least get your brand heard about and on everybody’s lips? Here are a few tips for getting your brand seen in 2020, particularly in the modern age of social media users.

Facebook and Instagram advertising

Sometimes, it may pay to put a little bit in, in order to get a little back. If your key audience is social media users, you want to harness this potential. It may just get your brand a bit more attention, as you will encourage social media users to stray away from their newsfeeds and take a gander through your website.


Hosting workshops, industry awards, or any form of niche event could be a great way of drawing attention to your company. Hosting an evening or daytime event of this nature can feel a little intimidating if it’s hitherto unchartered territory; however, executing it well is all about finding the right resources. Getting a sponsor and finding event lighting specialists will help you to create an evening that goes off with a bang.


Getting your website seen isn’t always easy in a market that is so saturated with competition. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most effective ways of pushing your brand name up the top of Google’s results. Backlinks and the use of keywords are important, but one of the most important features of SEO is useful content. Google RankBrain keeps tabs on how long visitors spend on your site, and chances are, a longer ‘dwell’ time equates to just how useful they found your website.

Social media presence

It’s very unlikely that having a social media presence will not have occurred to you in terms of ways to amplify your brand’s name. However, to elaborate on this point, having an online ‘presence’ involves being active.


It’s recommended that as well as having your own profile, you do take action in the online community, particularly in your sector. If you can offer helpful advice and link back to your profile in the comments sections, you may just give yourself a useful reputation online.

Add personality

Hopefully, your brand has a unique angle to the niche it exists in; however, sometimes that isn’t always enough. Competition is rife, and so you may need to find other ways to distinguish yourself against competitors. Adding your brand’s story to your websites and social media profiles is one easy way of achieving this. This approach adds dimensions of personality and passion that will appeal to potential customers.

You could chuck as much money as you like at advertising spaces in magazines, on the radio and online, but the content within them is what will capture the audience’s attention. Your website should have SEO techniques implemented, but in order to retain visitors, the content needs to be excellent. Amplifying your brand is about applying promotional techniques to genuinely creative content.

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