5 Ways to Optimize Work Productivity in the Office


Success is great, but even that does not guarantee that your work will stay consistent with productive and positive energy. Staying focused and productive is a constant effort that requires determination. Sometimes, the growth of a company affects the performance of workers. Such situations lead to extra distractions and put work productivity to risk.

Moreover, being productive does not mean that you should work fast. It means that you have to work on what matters and focus on performing well. Besides ensuring a comfortable working environment, you can set up your employees for team dynamics training by Performance by Design. It can help ensure team effectiveness, empowerment, and motivation.

Here are some tips that can help you boost work productivity.

Set up a Work-Only Zone

If you work in an office, make sure your place is comfortable and away from distractions. Some people prefer to work in the hustle and bustle environment, making it easy to perform more actively. You can start by monitoring the environment around you and determine whether you can focus on your work and some changes you would like to make.

When working from home, set up a restricted space for work only. Keep away your personal tasks and distraction aside and use your hours productively. This way, you can focus on your family entirely once work finishes.

Take Regular Breaks

No matter how much of a workaholic you may be, it is crucial to take a break and give yourself a time-out when needed. Suppose you keep on working hard for days. In that case, it can adversely affect your productivity level and can result in fatigue or burn-out.

Many workplaces have a dedicated time for a break, use it and give yourself peace of mind or take a 10-minute interval every few hours of work. Short gaps between doing your job are necessary to clear and recharge your mind.

Prioritize Your Assignments

Focus on time-consuming tasks first and try to tackle them down. Since working on bigger jobs first can help you stay focused and feel satisfied when your complete them. Plan your assignments ahead of time and try to follow them.

Try to keep difficult work early in the morning when you are most energized and ready to start the day.

Block Distractions

You can finish your work on time when focusing only on your tasks without any distractions. We often get lost when surfing the internet and find ourselves looking up to a social media account on LinkedIn or watching videos on YouTube.

It takes a few minutes to get back to work whenever we are distracted. This routine can help you lose track of time and often lead to an unfinished task or working overtime. Work efficiency drops when a person switches between tasks.

Use Communications Channels

Whether working from home or in an office, setting up easy communication is important. Rather than personally contacting any team member, you can create a chat group and communicate with everyone at once for your tasks.

You can use the Slack application for your team chat and share project statuses and quick inquiries, and respond to urgent tasks. Another great platform is Microsoft Teams which allows you to chat, video conference, and use tools for effective collaboration.