8 Best Platforms that many Writing Gurus use to improve their writing more efficient


8 Best Platforms that many Writing Gurus use to improve their writing more efficient

Even for the most seasoned writers, academic writing can be a frustrating and exhausting process. The sense of accomplishment and the grades indeed feel great. But unfortunately, these rewards come only after you have finished writing.

Thank goodness for the resources available today; students can make writing a little less laborious. Take a look at the best platforms on the internet that can make your college writing more efficient.

1.  Paper Writer

How many times have you wished to have an essay that matches your exact requirements as a reference? While a simple online search can offer you related reports and articles, it might not be relevant to your perspective on the topic. That is where Paper Writer can connect you to writers who can draft a unique paper for you.

The best feature of Paper Writer is that you get to choose the writing assistant by considering their field of specialty, writing experience and communicating with them.

You can get their guidance on college term papers, research, and any kind of college writing.

2.  Grammarly

Grammarly has almost become an essential tool in every writer’s toolkit. The platform’s AI assistant will proofread your paper, pointing out the spelling and grammatical errors, improving your writing’s clarity and engagement. You can use it in your browser, integrate it as an add-on, or download an app that will run across your devices.

Students can also use the plagiarism checker to ensure that their essays are unique. If you need an extra set of eyes to do manual proofreading, you can also find editors through Grammarly.

3.  Thesis Generator

You already know that the thesis statement is paramount in defining the rest of your essay. This makes it more challenging to get just right. The University of Arizona has a Thesis Generator for students to use instead of spending hours to create the perfect thesis.

All you need to do is provide context for your thesis, such as the topic, your opinion on the subject, and a valid reason supporting your idea. To reinforce this, you can include more arguments for and against your perspective. The thesis generator will come with a statement based on the data you have entered. Even if you do not use the same thesis, you will have a better idea of structuring your argument.


JSTOR is a robust platform that essentially serves as an archive. Students can gain access to books, journals, and other review materials online. In other words, JSTOR serves as a one-stop-shop for your literature review. Most universities have always partnered with JSTOR for their students to use these resources. If you do not have an id, there are a still plethora of resources available for free access. You can search for papers by author, topic, or enter text to find related content.

5.  Purdue OWL

The Purdue Online Writing Lab has built quite a reputation as being the ultimate writing guide for students. The site introduces you to different elements of essay writing, grammar, and writing styles. It also has extensive articles on different types of college writing, that includes thesis, research paper, and even compiling your college applications.

In addition, students can also learn all about the numerous referencing styles and how you can avoid plagiarism while using external references. The detailed tips will help you polish your academic writing skills and is worth exploring for students across all levels.

6.  EasyBib

A product from the Chegg Service, an edtech platform with dozens of applications, EasyBib is another favorite among students. As you can guess from the name, the tool is primarily about creating a bibliography with ease. The platform has several citation guides and generators that will allow you to avoid plagiarism by proper referencing. You can not only cite academic papers, but also newspapers, websites, court cases videos, and a dozen other content types.

Alongside, you can also take advantage of the writing guides and the plagiarism checker on the site. To add the finishing touch to your college projects, there is the Title Maker that will generate a title page based on your style preference.

7.  Mendeley

Another popular reference manager is Mendeley, a tool that enables you to cite as you go. Its latest plugin version opens as a separate window within your word processor or on your desktop. Students can generate citations in a whole range of referencing styles.

Mendeley is more than just a citation platform. You can save articles and papers to create a personal library or add new ones based on what you are reading. Besides, you can also add notes to these papers. When collaborating, sharing these documents and adding annotations together is also possible. As your library is stored in the сloud, you can access it from anywhere, anytime. You can import any file, and Mendeley will automatically capture the author, title, and publisher information.

8.  Google Docs

If you have been relying too much on Microsoft Word or Apple’s Pages, it is time to consider switching to Google Docs. For one thing, you can access your file from anywhere, no matter what device you are using. The layout is more or less similar to MS Word but with much more ease and flexibility. Plus, you no longer have to worry about saving it, as your files would be automatically backed up in the cloud.

Docs are also easier to collaborate with, as others can efficiently pass their comments to your papers without altering the structure. In order to appeal to students, there is a new citation tool with MLA, APA, and Chicago styles. If you need more, there is no shortage of add-ons that can cater to your writing and editing needs.

While no tool can cover the actual writing part, these platforms can help you hone your writing skills. They also make more challenging aspects, such as editing and referencing, more tolerable, and less time-consuming. When you have such brilliant resources within reach, it would be a shame not to capitalize on them.

Paraphrasing Tool

The Paraphrasing Tool or Paraphrase tool is an online resource that can reword sentences. This is a powerful tool to make your content effective and unique.

As it replaces most of the words by their synonyms, content gets plagiarism-free and usable to any of the platforms.

The paraphrasing tool has advanced algorithms that find the most appropriate synonyms for the words in your context.

Once you insert your text, these algorithms find the synonyms for these words and replace them in a way that the meaning remains the same.

Some authors also use this tool to make the content easy to understand. If your writing is complex, this tool will find the easy-to-read words and replace them without changing the meaning of the actual content.