A Comprehensive Guide To College Selection


When you are applying to colleges, you will likely have your dream college in mind, along with your dream course and your dream job at the end. It is, after all, very exciting! However, as any student-to-be will tell you, college selection is not always as easy as 1,2,3.

There are criteria that the colleges use to choose their ideal candidates and for you to tick that box, you need to have an idea of what you are going to be going up against in the selection process. So, to help you make sense of the college selection system, what exactly is it that colleges look for in their candidates? Read on to find out!

Academic Performance

Cool consideration for the majority of colleges , whether they are community colleges or Ivy League colleges, is the academic performance of the candidates if you have a lower-than-average academic performance, this is not likely to get you accepted to a college like Harvard or Princeton.

Competition for college positions is fierce, and you will need to ensure that your academic performance accurately matches that of the other students you will be competing with for that position that’s awesome online tools that can help you assess your suitability and admission requirements , such as the chances calculator at campusreel.org.


Next on the list is the essays. When you applied for your position at your chosen college, you will have likely been given an essay to write.

Some of these essays will have come with a title and others will have been more open. However, the admissions officers will read the essays and personal statements to understand your motivations experiences, and perspectives, as well as to get an idea as to why it is you want to attend this particular college. Your college essay will also help you stand out from other candidates , so make sure you get help writing it!

Letters of Recommendation

The college you have selected will also be looking into the letter of recommendation that you provide them with.

Ideally, this letter will have been written by one of your teachers, or your tutor and will showcase why you would be a great fit for the college. If you can, try to work with the person who is writing the letter to craft it in a way that links to the course you will be studying, and how your skill set aligns with the requirements. That will help it to stand out!

Extracurricular Activities

All colleges are big on extracurricular activities, which could be linked to sports, community volunteering, or even tutoring. Again, if you are looking to wow college admissions, try to make sure that the activities that you have engaged in are linked to the college course you have chosen.


Lastly, there is the somewhat dreaded college aptitude test. These will vary based on the college you are applying to but, to really help you get accepted to your dream university, you will need to ensure that you score well on this test, which can be tougher if you are an overseas applicant. So, study up on the tests (usually an SAT), up your revision, and do your best!