Best Ways to Learn Portuguese Quickly and Effectively


The Portuguese language is quite popular in the world. Many people think that it is close to Spanish, making it easy to learn. People who speak Portuguese understand perfectly the interlocutors who speak Spanish. However, Spaniards do not understand Portuguese speakers, and they need to attend Portuguese classes to understand Portuguese.

Best Ways to Learn Portuguese Quickly and Effectively

How to Learn Portuguese Quickly?

We live in an era of information glut, which means that if earlier there was only one way to get the necessary information – to go to study at a university, now there are at least three more ways:

Search for Information on Your Own

Of the advantages of this method, one can single out accessibility, the ability to independently draw up a schedule and select the rhythm of work. But it will be tough for you to choose valuable training materials and structure the program so that there are no gaps in knowledge. In addition, when learning a language on their own, many people face a lack of motivation and very quickly abandon learning.

Find a Tutor or Join a Group

This option is good because you will study under the supervision of a specialist, which means you will be motivated and helped to move in the right direction. But there are a few nuances to consider here. First of all, it isn’t easy to find an excellent Portuguese language tutor because, in our country, it is not as common as, say, English, German or French. Of course, you can enroll in a group, but then you will not be able to choose the time of classes and will be forced to have time to absorb the material at the same speed as the rest.

Take Distance Courses

Another option to learn Portuguese on your own from scratch is to take distance courses. Among the advantages of this option are affordable cost, time savings, convenience, the support of a personal teacher, and the high quality of training materials. In addition, by ordering a Portuguese course for beginners, you will be able to learn new information at your own pace and rhythm.

Don’t Drop Out Immediately at the First Sign of Boredom

Learning a language for yourself has an unpleasant side – you can quit at any time. If the motivation is your momentary desire, then the fuse will quickly pass, and the pleasure of understanding speech in a foreign language will come not earlier than in six months – a year. Surviving this period and actively absorbing educational material is a challenging but quite feasible task.

Create a Rating System For Yourself

Treat yourself to your favorite cake after the end of a big topic, or please yourself with a new blouse with a successful test. It will help connect tedious and difficult studies with prizes and pleasant moments. Psychologically, it is easier to experience difficulties, complete with joyful events.

How to Learn Portuguese: Simple Hacks to Speed Up Your Learning

If you want to speed up your language learning but still don’t know enough to watch movies with subtitles, read books in the original, or communicate with native speakers, here are some helpful tips to learn Portuguese quickly:


  • Expand your vocabulary with stickers – start from your house. Just write the names on the stickers and stick them on the appropriate objects;
  • try to make short dialogues with new vocabulary and memorize them;
  • Pick up a rhyme – you learned a new word and immediately picked up a verse for it from an already familiar vocabulary.
  • And most importantly, remember that the road will be mastered by the walking one, even with small steps. Some school and experienced teachers will become reliable companions on your way to learning Portuguese.


Learning any language is impossible without immersion in the history and culture of the country and people. Portugal is a country that can bring you many surprises. Lisbon is a grand old city with many beautiful buildings and architectural monuments. Impulsive and very active, the Portuguese will appeal to those who like to chat and throw out emotions. Culture, holidays, traditions, and customs – are very different from English in all areas. And the beauty of architecture and many attractions will surely attract you with a tourist visit. Learn Portuguese on your own and with pleasure, and this country will reciprocate.