Better Connect with Your Customers with These Four Tips

January 19, 2021

Connecting with your customers is one of the most important things any business can do. A repeat customer is worth their weight in gold. They cost less to market towards, and yet they bring in huge returns.

A business with 40% of repeat customers will see a 50% boost in revenue in comparison to a business with only 10% repeat customers. Their value is so much more than the several checkouts they will make with you, too. They are the customers that are more likely to refer you to their friends and family making them the driving force behind your success.

How to you turn a one-time customer into a repeat customer? Through communication. Customers want to feel like they are valued and like they are making the right decision when they choose you. Great customer service and communication are essential for both of those goals.

Improve Communication Channels

The first step to better connect with customers is to improve your communication channels. This means you need to be contactable via phone, email, direct messaging, and on social media. It’s also good to install a chat bot on your website, use a DM workflow, and above all, get toll free numbers that will connect customers from wherever they are to you, without cost to them. These toll free numbers are cheap too, and start at a low $5 per month and come with a host of services that allow you to analyze the call and improve your marketing strategies all at the same time.

Introduce Personalization

Personalization is another essential component to any communication strategy. With their permission you should be able to keep reports for customers, so if they have an ongoing problem you can get right to the heart of it without them needing to explain it all again and again.

Personalization should also happen for positive situations. Offer them personalized recommendations, discounts, and more. If they feel like you care about them as an individual, they’ll be more loyal to you.

Add Value

Try to add value for your customer, so that even if they don’t visit your social sites or your website to buy something, they still have reasons to visit. Create guides, how-to’s, and more. These are communication essentials that add value to your brand and work to reengage your customers again and again, so they don’t forget you, and are introduced repeatedly to new products or services without feeling like they are being marketed towards and targeted.

Solve Problems, Fast

If your customers have a problem, work to actually solve it. Don’t just fix it for that one customer, but make company-wide changes as necessary to make sure it never happens again. For example, if several customers seem to have lost their mail in the post, bump up your prices to include the cost of tracking. They have the peace of mind and you can start to get your money back if a package gets lost.

There are many ways to engage with your customers and to build loyalty, but by putting your communication strategy at the forefront you can start seeing results faster.

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