Business Names 101: How to Choose Your Brand Name


Every company needs a name and brand identity. But what is the best way to choose a name that makes your company stand out from the rest? How can you come up with a name that is unique, catchy, and available? It’s important to find a name that is memorable and reflective of how your company can benefit consumers. 

Engage in Wordplay

Your brand depends on words to convey both your mission and your products. One of the easy ways to get a list of names quickly is to use a name generator, such Business Name Generator by Namify. Putting in your industry, product types, and other words that inspire you can help you narrow down the list to names that might be useful. Combining words together can also generate interesting names that might lead you to the right brand name. 

Explore Your Mission

The brand you chose should capture your mission and business style. One way to make this process easier is to consider three key factors: your industry, what you offer, and how you want people to see your company. The shorter and more descriptive your brand is, the easier it will be for consumers to identify your company with your products and their need for your products. Namify also has other brand name generators that can help you narrow down your name by your industry, such as a clothing brand generator, a shop name generator, and a generator for tech company names.

Use Initials or Acronyms

Many companies use initials to represent the people or words that motivate their business. Some companies use initials and others use names that can be reduced to initials to create a meaningful nickname. Initials often convey a sense of professionalism or excellence, especially in industries like engineering, banking, and technology. You can use initials to remind customers about the story behind your brand and what the initials represent. Then you can reinforce the story behind the initials through marketing and product development.

Consider Marketability

Once you have narrowed to a few names that might be excellent choices, experiment with shortening or combining them to make them unique and concise. Check for trademarks around the names to make sure they are available. Make a few marketing mockups of what they might look like as logos. If you purchase a name through Namify, they will even give you a coupon for a free logo design. Once you have chosen your name, you should apply for a trademark that your company will hold to protect your brand so it can represent your company’s mission for years to come. 

A good brand name will catch the attention of consumers and help them remember what your company does. You should create an appropriate name for your company that will resonate with the public and grow with your business. The more options you add to your list of potential brand names, the better chance you have of using a name that consumers will remember in the future.