Career Options for Candidates with an English Degree


Career Options for Candidates with an English Degree



English is the lingua franca of the world. It is the most widely used language for communication, official matters, and education. It is also home to many of the greatest literary works, from the likes of The Great Gatsby to A Midsummer Night’s Dream. If you have had a knack for reading and getting lost in these fictional worlds or contemplating and analyzing the complexities behind renowned literature, then imagine how wonderful it must be to pursue your field of passion in your advanced studies.

Many top universities in the world offer undergraduate programs in the field of English. The degrees based on the English language cater more to the linguistic elements of the language as well as different forms of creative, professional, and academic writing. On the other hand, the degrees centralized on English literature cater to the most exquisite prose and poetry pieces you can find in the English Language. This would be preferable for those people who are fans of Fitzgerald, Tolkien, or the Bronte sisters. Getting a degree in English at the university level opens up many paths to you as it is a diverse and intriguing field. You can get jobs in different disciplines and explore opportunities for a postgraduate education after getting your undergraduate degrees, such as a BA in English, with concentrations in film, writing, education, literature, and theatre.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the possibilities and opportunities of getting a degree in English:


How to Build Your Resume with an English Degree?

While there are many paths you can choose after you are done with your English degree, you also have to keep in mind that it is an academic achievement. While this qualification will equip you with the eligibility required to apply for jobs in various professions, you would still need to have an equally remarkable skill set to give you an edge over other candidates. This is why many students are advised to participate in extracurricular or co-curricular activities while pursuing their degrees to gain insight into the real-world application of the knowledge they gain from their qualifications. You could do this by signing up for your university’s literati or book club, where like-minded individuals meet to discuss and exchange ideas on their favorite works of literature. Many universities also publish their own newspapers or newsletters. You can join that department to understand how layout, proofreading, and journalism work. Whatever career path you have in mind, try to engage yourself in activities that would polis your skills according to your desired field so that you would be a well-rounded contender for whichever job you set your sight on.

To find such openings for volunteering, community work, or internships, check your campus’ bulletin boards regularly and online platforms and scout the areas near your university for any opportunity.

Jobs for English Degree Graduates

For someone who has just completed their undergraduate degree in English, there are both private and public sectors to work in. Employers come with different demands, workloads, pay scales, and benefits, and you should prepare yourself for what works best for you. With an English degree, you can work in fields such as tourism, education, research, management, communications, and public relations.

We have compiled a list of jobs you can consider after completing an English degree.

  1. English Teacher

This profession is considered one of the noblest ones because you are responsible for shaping a generation’s future. You get to interact with young, malleable minds that are open to revolutionary ideas and bring a fresh perspective to the table when it comes to analyzing literature. You would be surprised to see how the youth perceives classics as the world surrounding them differs greatly from the one set in those books. English teachers often get the liberty of formulating a relevant and interesting curriculum. You can also choose what age groups you want to deal with, and scoring a job in a nearby school or college would also make commuting much easier.

  1. Journalist

Journalism is worth considering as a career option for those seeking the thrill of working in fast-paced environments and uncovering the truth. It is an occupation that consumes just as much of your time as your energy. On the bright side, it would always challenge you in unexpected ways to keep you on your toes and turn you into a fascinating conversationalist with the best stories to tell at any party.

If you are looking for a much less hardcore version of the same job, you could go for column writing in terms of magazine journalism instead of investigative journalism. This job would pay you to explore the world around you while also looking within, all at the cost of sharing your experiences with your reader as you go along the way of life.

  1. Freelance Writer

This is another viable if words come easily to you. This is better suited for people who are more comfortable working within their homes. While remote jobs don’t usually pay as well to undergraduates, freelance writing jobs usually pay by word count. So it totally depends on how much you can take on, and you get paid accordingly. More practice and experience would increase your rate per word, resulting in a happier payday. You can get employed in a company as a content or copywriter or even make a profile on online platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to write scripts for movies or Youtube videos. Timings are flexible, and the location can be any place with a sound Wi-Fi connection and a comfortable seat.


Due to the diversity and inclusivity of the English language, the world is your oyster when it comes to developing your career as a graduate with an English degree. Depending on your preference, you can find jobs in many countries and work in multinational firms or your local establishment. All you have to do is possess an adaptive mindset and train yourself for the job you have in mind so that when you actually get it, the transition into your work role will be seamless.