Classic Mistakes That Businesses Make With Their Video Content (And How To Avoid Them)


Video content represents the most captivating, conversion-driving marketing medium today. However, simply having video on your website or social feeds doesn’t guarantee success. Subpar quality or misaligned messaging hinders engagement. Avoid these common video mistakes undermining outcomes through informed strategy and production planning.

 Mistake: Dull, Overly Corporate Styles

Generic, corporate videos populated across business YouTube channels, from monotonous talking heads to cheesy stock b-roll sequences. But modern audiences find such overly promotional, robotic content off-putting. Today’s culture demands authenticity and real connections.

 Solution: Infuse Videos With Humanity

Craft content that feels honest, candid and approachable instead of mere marketing propaganda. Feature regular employees discussing products naturally. Capture behind-the-scenes office moments revealing company culture. Film video testimonials conveying genuine customer delight.

Relatable videos humanising your brand resonate emotionally to build familiarity and trust that corporate speeches can’t achieve. Lean into transparency, humility and spontaneity with bloopers left in!

Mistake: Misaligned Platform Distribution

Firms still pump corporate videos solely onto YouTube without considering optimal visibility across additional channels. Effective social strategy is still crucial to business success. However, platform algorithms and audience behaviours vary, necessitating tailored distribution plans.

Solution: Customise Content Across Channels

Unique platform strengths call for specially formatted versions. Long-form YouTube videos work well, but won’t succeed on TikTok or Instagram demanding shorter runtimes given consumption habits.

Likewise, reusable evergreen content performs better on IGTV or Facebook while LinkedIn favours real-time commentary pegged to news events. Account for each platform’s culture through customised video output.

Mistake: Shoddy Production

Low production standards undermine positive messaging by leaving amateurish impressions. Yet many companies neglect to invest in video equipment, software, staff training and editing refinement. iPhone clips might work for informal social updates but fail as lead-generation tools.

Solution: Find A Video Production Company That Can Deliver

You need to find a video production company that understands how to communicate your business identity and ethos as well as deliver excellent production values, using high-quality equipment like RED cameras. Perspective Pictures uses top-of-the-line camera and editing equipment to deliver superb business videos.

Mistake: Neglecting Accessibility

Overlooking viewers with disabilities or language comprehension barriers prevents messages from reaching entire audiences. Yet adding inclusive accommodations like captions, audio descriptions or translated subtitles requires minimal effort today.

Solution: Implement Universal Design Principles

Modern digital media software enables incorporating accessibility options seamlessly during editing stages. Activate auto-generated captions on editing timelines then refine transcripts for maximum accuracy. Integrate audio description tracks detailing crucial visual elements without on-screen text.

Mistake: Ignoring Metadata

While seeking to rank videos in search engines or visibility across platforms, companies still overlook searchable metadata optimising content (although it’s important to be careful). However, descriptive titles, tagged keywords and concise descriptions help videos surface more in results and suggestions.

Solution: Tag Thoughtfully

Treat back-end tags input fields akin to SEO on websites. Include prominent product names, category keywords and related terminology viewers might be searching for discovery.

Also, leverage descriptor text summarising clips’ purpose and unique values. This metadata collectively assists ranking algorithms in understanding the context for smarter promotion angles.

Mistake: Infrequent Publishing

Relegating videos as occasional projects rather than integrated content pillars limits audience traction through lost momentum. But modern platform reciprocity means higher output earns increased visibility.

Solution: Commit To Consistent Scheduling

Establish reliable publishing cadences suiting team capacities. Even a modest goal of 2 videos per month keeps content flowing. Use calendars and collaborative software to coordinate brainstorming, approvals and production amongst stakeholders working cross-functionally.