Communication Is The Backbone of Commerce


by Ashok Agarwal

IF FINANCE IS THE BLOOD OF COMMERCE THEN COMMUNICATION IS THE BACKBONE OF IT. AS ONE CAN NOT SURVIVE WITHOUT BLOOD. BLOOD IS SYNONYM OF OXYGEN. WITHOUT IT, IT IS A STATE OF BREATHLESSNESS. SAME WAY BACKBONE IS EQUALLY IMPORTANT WITHOUT WHICH IT WOULD BE DIFFICULT TO STAND. So any successful business needs both finance and communication. Communication has far-reaching effects. These are just like two wheels, two hands and two sides of the same coin. Today we have entered in an era of E-Communication & D-Communication . Today no development is possible without speedy, strong ,effective & efficient means of communication. Communication is also one of the business success mantras. Communication is of various types such as oral, written, negative, positive, formal and informal etc. Body language and silence too are means of communication. Sometimes silence is golden. Communication is done at various levels/tiers/cadres higher and lower . Communication is a great art and skill which can bring many positive changes in life. Such skills need continuous development to succeed in life.

Communication is developing connections and connectivity . It brings people together and paves way for future course of development. It is said that connections are made with the heart and communication is done either with pen or tongue. As we say that the home is made of hearts and the house is made of bricks. Communication may be of personal, impersonal and commercial nature too. Whatever may be line of activity, communication is must ingredient for its development. It is lifeline/green-line of any institution or organization. Communication can be face-to-face, mind-to-mind, heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul. Communication shall be taken as complete when the message we want to convey and the way in which , it is conveyed properly and the recipient understands in the sense in which it is intended to be conveyed and communicated.

The mouth is made for communication and nothing is more articulate than a kiss. There are so many quotes on communication and one states that silence says that which words cannot. The other states that knowledge can be imparted and communicated and not wisdom. COMMUNICATION CAN DO WONDERS. Many a times your success will depend on approaching properly and correctly. COMMUNICATION WILL BE UNDERSTOOD PERFECT ONLY WHEN THE PURPOSE OF BOTH THE SENDER AND RECIPIENT OF COMMUNICATION IS SERVED FOR WHICH IT WAS INTENDED. Sometimes communication unsaid is more important than the said part of it. The unsaid part is sometimes more important which the communicator may like to conceal from the recipient. Such a unsaid part must be understood and heard as it is hidden. In such a case the communication is incomplete. There have been revolutionary advancements in the field of INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY, which has changed the scene of commerce and business at the national and international level. We are living in an era of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG). In the coming days communication is assuming more importance. We are in the electronic and digital world. Today there are hi-tech means of communication and one must be proficient in such hi-tech skills.

There is one statement that when the trust account is high , communication is easy, instant and effective. Without communication we cannot go ahead. Daily the world is shrinking because within no time any development in any corner of the world spreads throughout the world because of the fastest means of communication. Today WE ARE LIVING IN A GLOBAL VILLAGE. Even in a closed room you know the whole world sitting in your chair.
The coming days will witness means of communication of SUPERSONIC SPEED. The science and art of communication knows no frontiers. It has very wide and deep meanings. The world of communication is not less than a pacific ocean. Rather more than it. Communication can beautify your life. Positive words of communication have fragrance. This is the only art through which one climbs the LADDERS OF SUCCESS. ONE MUST GO ON POLISHING, HONING AND SHARPENING HIS COMMUNICATION SKILLS ON DAILY BASIS TO REACH HIGHER / ELEVATED LEVELS IN LIFE.

Ashok Aggarwal, DELHI
Dated 1st August, 2015