A Guide to the Different Types of Web Hosting Services

August 23, 2019

What’s the most important thing a business should take into consideration in this day and age? In a nutshell, the quality of its online platforms. People spend a lot of time online and if they’re looking for a service or a product, they’ll do it there. Whether it’s your online website or social media platforms, they all need to be in excellent condition. The latter is relatively easier to handle and has fewer problems. Websites on the other hand can be quite a handful, and ensuring they run smoothly can be quite the challenge. It starts with your web hosting service provider, which should be one of the best. But before you could choose one, you need to understand the different kinds out there.

Dedicated server hosting

Unlike a shared web hosting, a dedicated server gives you complete ownership and control over how everything goes –– yours is the only website stored on the server. This gives you full admin control, which means the security and the load on the website are subject to your control and supervision. Naturally, dedicated servers are more expensive –– that’s why they’re used mostly by websites with big traffic, and in turn a lot of money.

Shared web hosting

This one is what the name implies. A shared web hosting service is one shared by several other websites, and that comes with certain pros and cons. The biggest advantage is the low cost –– some come as low as $10 per month. The people at MangoMatter Media compare between different hosts in terms of pricing and efficiency, because money is not the only angle you should take into consideration. There is something you need to know before getting a shared web host. You’re sharing the host with at least hundreds of websites, and if one of them faces heavy traffic due to its popularity, it might affect the speed of your own and slow it down, so you need to make sure you’re with a very good service provider.

Cloud Based Web Hosting

This relatively new form of web hosting is a result of the evolution of cloud technologies. In simple terms, there are several servers working together in what looks like one giant server, and if more need to be added, they just add the hardware needed for that to happen. The best thing about cloud based web hosting is the fact that it can handle whatever traffic comes to your website without slowing it down.

Virtual server

A virtual server is pretty much the middle ground between dedicated and shared hosting. The websites in this case share the same physical space, but each has its own space on the server, making them act like several different ones at the same time. It’s great for people who’d like some control over their websites.

You need to understand those different kinds because it’ll help you determine which will work best for your website and your business. Each kind has its pros and cons, but you need to get the absolute best one for your website because this is how you ensure the success of your business.

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