How AR Reduces Product Returns for Your Ecommerce Business

December 22, 2019



Returns are just a part of ecommerce you have to accept. While online shopping gives customers convenience, people can’t experience the product before they buy in the same way as they can if they go to a physical shop.

This means the product is less likely to look how they thought it would when they get it, less likely to fit, or more difficult to put together. As ecommerce store owners, these are common reasons we get for the majority of returns.

As much as we streamline our returns processes, these returns do put an extra strain on our businesses, so it’s worth taking action to limit them. One technology that’s helping ecommerce businesses to do this is AR.

What is AR?

You most likely associate AR with apps like Instagram, which allows you to add funny visuals to your images. AR is a technology that allows people to take a live image and augment it with 3D visuals, creating a “real world” experience.

This application of AR has obvious uses in ecommerce on product pages, but it can also make a big difference when it comes to things like user manuals, and researching competitor products through reverse image search.

AR on Product Pages

Everyone has bought something online only to realize when they actually get it, it doesn’t suit them. It’s easily done because you’re relying on your imagination to picture how you look in it, or how it looks in your home. Sometimes our imagination fails us, and we end up with something we don’t want and are forced to send it back.

AR helps to solve this problem by allowing customers to see the product in a “real world” setting. You can see what the shoes you want to buy look like on your feet, and how they go with the pants you’re wearing. If you’re buying a new poster for your bedroom, you can see exactly how it looks on your wall.

Being able to see products with AR not only boosts conversion rates, but it also has the potential to help people buy the right thing first time around, thus lowering your number of returns.

AR in After-Sale Care

AR not only helps people choose the right products, but it can also improve their experience when they get the products. Rather than complicated written user manuals, you can use AR to bring the manual to life and help people get the most out of their product. Simplifying the process makes it much more appealing and likely to be bought.

The more you can show you are using technology to help people get the best experience possible, the more they are going to return to your brand. By using AR to solve some of the biggest reasons for returns, you can spend less time dealing with those returns, and more time continuing to offer amazing service. AR is a great piece of tech that’ll continue to improve business and the lives of people everywhere.

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