How to Build Your Own Coffee Brand: Tips from Farming to Selling


Being an owner of a coffee farm and, at the same time, cultivating it is not a walk in the park. There are so many factors that affect coffee production: from the regular visit of pests to the weather changes brought by climate change. There is just way too much to consider when creating your coffee brand. But if you plan to launch your coffee brand, may that be through social media branding or in the retail business, we are here to give you tips that may push you to start one.

Quality Product and Service

In the coffee industry, the quality of the coffee that you serve or deliver is paramount. That is why gourmet coffee takes up at least 60% of daily consumed coffee. Of course, the quality of your product is also as good as your supplier’s quality — may it be you who directly supply the coffee or others.

You also need to decide which type of coffee you plan to market, and to do that, you have to do your research. There are websites like the Sip Coffee House that discuss specialty coffees in detail from leading suppliers around the globe. You can read more about it here to see the countries and brands that dominate the market. You can learn a thing or two about how they were able to establish their brand.

Smart Pricing

If you are starting small, it may be best for you not to put a price tag on your brand that may sour the interest of your buyers or customers. You can put a price on your product individually, following its perceived value and your customers’ expectations about your product. Set a price that is not too high that customers will opt for a more affordable option; instead of equally marking up all of your products. This way, the customer can have the power to choose according to their preference.

Pleasing a Select Few

Numerous brands often make the mistake of trying to meet everyone’s expectations. In the end, their resources are spread too thin, and they cannot bounce back. For a start-up business, you need to learn how to tailor-fit your product to satisfy a specific group of coffee drinkers. You can focus on producing a high-value grade of coffee that people will be coming back for again. Once you achieve that, a word-by-mouth recommendation may start spreading around to benefit your brand. From there, you can build your way up once you have established the quality of your coffee brand.

Study Your Competitors as well as your Target Buyers

Look for brands who are at the same level as you, or a step further and consider their best practices along with their areas of improvement. Think about what makes your product unique from your competitors and if this will be popular for your target customers. Ask yourself as a customer if your product is attractive at an objective point.

Final Thoughts

Running a coffee business from the start can be overwhelming and tricky. Well, almost every business venture starts that way. Hopefully, the guide we have prepared will be enough for you to start making your mark in the coffee world.