How to Ensure the Smooth and Timeous Delivery of Your Customers Online Orders

May 14, 2020

Do you own a small business that has also embraced the wonderful world of e-commerce? If so, you might be wondering how to streamline the shipping and delivery process regarding your customers’ online orders. How can you ensure that their orders are delivered on time and undamaged? How can you ensure that you not only meet their expectations, but exceed them altogether? The answer is very simple indeed.

Consider Taking Over Deliveries In-House

The vast majority of small business owners rely on couriers and delivery companies to handle the delivery of their products to consumers. Obviously, this means that they have extremely limited control over the process. If the courier runs into trouble along the line, it will be up to the small business owner to explain why their customers’ goods are late.

It also means that they have to trust blindly in a third party to ensure that customers are kept happy. Keep in mind that a negative experience in terms of delivery can be enough to cause a customer to seek better service elsewhere!

For this reason, it makes sense for many business owners to take over deliveries in-house around the globe. In doing so, the business owner will need to invest in a small fleet of vehicles to get the job done. This means that while one problem is solved and customers can expect to get their items quickly and effectively, another issue presents itself. How can the business owner go about responsibly managing their vehicle fleet in terms of maintenance, compliance, scheduling, and driver safety?

The answer lies in investing in advanced fleet management software. There are countless advantages to having fleet management software for your small business. For starters, the software allows for effective route planning which has been proven to save companies thousands of dollars on fuel.

Further to this, you can take advantage of shipment management which makes it possible for you to effectively manage orders and deliveries. You will also have access to remote diagnostics for vehicle maintenance, remote monitoring of vehicle speeds (for enhanced driver safety), driver management, fuel monitoring, and accident detection.

How to Choose the Right Fleet Management Software for Your Business

The initial step is to understand exactly why your business requires this technology in the first place. Which features are ‘must haves’ and which features are simply bonuses? The smaller your fleet, the more basic your software can be. Don’t jump to spend money on the latest and greatest software when you only have three or four vehicles to manage just because you assume that your fleet is going to grow in the future.

The great news is that most software solutions are scalable and can evolve alongside your business. This is why it makes more financial sense to invest in subscription software, rather than buying a specific program once-off.

Now that you know how you can gain a better sense of control over how your customers receive their goods, you can maximize user experience, boost customer retention, and see noticeable positive improvements when it comes to your bottom line!

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