How to Keep Your Items Safe When Shipping Internationally


Whether you’re shipping products to international customers or gifts to loved ones who have moved to another country, you want to have peace of mind knowing that your packages will arrive safely at their destinations.

Securely shipping items internationally requires adequate packaging and a reliable courier company, such as Couriers Atlanta. With careful consideration, you can ensure that all of your parcels arrive promptly and undamaged to the recipients’ addresses.

Below, we have covered some top tips to ensure your items remain safe throughout the international shipping process.

Use Secure Packaging

Depending on the type of products you’re sending internationally, you may need a specific type of packaging to keep your items safe during transit. Nowadays, there is no shortage of packaging types, and you should do some research to find the most suitable choices for your items.

For example, if you’re sending fragile goods, consider using foam padding or bubble wrap to protect them from damage. If you’re sending perishable items, go for temperature-controlled packaging to ensure they don’t spoil during shipping and delivery.

Choose a Reliable Courier

Once a package leaves your business premise or home, it’s the courier’s responsibility to keep it safe during transit and deliver it promptly to its recipient. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you choose a credible and trusted courier when sending packages to other countries.

Choose an international courier that has a strong reputation within the industry and offers tracked delivery services. This way, you can track your parcel at every step of the way until it arrives at its desired destination.

Check online reviews or ask friends and family for recommendations to find a reliable delivery company. Consider reading through the safety measures that a courier follows before making a choice.

Consider Customs Regulations

When sending parcels overseas, you’re subject to foreign import regulations. You must research the laws and regulations within the destination countries of your parcels so you can ensure compliance.

Failure to comply with customs regulations could lead to your packages being returned to you or being held for several weeks. Not only is this inconvenient, time-consuming, and potentially costly for you to deal with, but it could also put your customer satisfaction in jeopardy if you’re shipping parcels as an eCommerce business.

Purchase Insurance Coverage

For maximum safety and security, consider adding insurance to your international deliveries. Active insurance protects you financially if your packages get lost, stolen, or damaged during transit.  It provides a safeguard that puts your mind at ease and limits the risk of future issues.

Insurance also protects your customers and gives them peace of mind, knowing that their packages are covered in an unforeseen event. You’ll be able to recover the shipping costs if an item fails to arrive at its desired destination within a reasonable amount of time, and you can happily refund your customers to maintain high satisfaction and loyalty.