How to Save Money on Business Vehicles


Vehicles are a common investment for many kinds of business. Corporate companies offering professional services to their clients need cars to help them attend important meetings and visit clients on a regular basis. Other organizations might use vehicles to offer technician support, engineering, and assistance to their customers. Unfortunately, the cost of managing vehicles in your company, even if you only have a handful, can quickly add up, making it difficult to budget as a growing business. After all, there’s not just the cost of initially getting the car to think about, but the costs of fuel and regular maintenance costs too. Fortunately, we have some top tips to help keep prices low.

Invest in the Right Technology

While the last thing you might want to do when buying cars for your company may be to spend extra money on vehicles, investing in the right technology at an early stage can be better for you in the long-term. When you invest in things like fleet management systems with analytics and reports, you can track where your team members might not be as efficient as they could be with their vehicles, which opens the door for training opportunities to boost fuel efficiency. There’s also technology available to make your teams safer too. For instance, dash cameras are excellent for monitoring the cause of potential damage to your car, so you can avoid having to pay over the odds for mistakes that aren’t your employee’s fault. You can check out this guide on how to choose the best cam installation method for your fleet.

Consider the Lifetime Value of the Vehicle

When trying to keep costs low, a lot of companies focus too heavily on the initial cost of purchasing the vehicle, rather than looking at the long-term costs of things like fuel and maintenance. While it might cost a little more than you’d like to get the most efficient vehicle when you first buy your fleet cars, it could save you a fortune in fuel and maintenance costs long-term. Try to calculate the full life-time value of the vehicle when making your purchase, and remember to look for ways of cutting costs through things like bulk purchase deals and credit card rewards for your business. There are plenty of great ways to save cash as a company.

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Train Your Teams

Finally, you can only maintain your cars and keep them operating at their best for as long as possible if your employees know how to use the vehicles correctly. Providing your teams with the right training doesn’t just mean you should ensure they have the right certifications and licenses to drive in certain areas or use specific kinds of vehicles. Providing regular training on how your staff can be safer and more efficient on the roads will save your teams a lot of time, and could help you to cut down on fleet management costs too. Although investing in your teams and their educational development might seem problematic at first, it’s definitely worth it in the long-term.