How to Setup the Perfect Office Conference Room

February 14, 2020



It is estimated that around eleven million business meetings take place daily using around thirty seven percent of the average employees working hours. With modern business being forced to operate in line with the digital era, it is estimated that poorly organized meetings are costing US businesses an estimated $34 billion.

This is a result of the rising number of remote workers, offices in multiple locations, large teams, clients from across the globe, and advantages identified in large brainstorming sessions.

It has been identified that email, web chat and phone calls can lack the visual cues and personal touch needed to improve interactions between colleagues and clients.

So, if you are looking to put together a fully functional conference room for your office or even just looking to update your current set-up, then here are some tips to get you started.

Equipment Checklist


Video conference camera

You would be best to invest in a really good, quality camera that includes and forces the engagement of everyone in the room ensuring productive collaboration. Make sure that the camera can view everyone present and invest in one that has 360-degree coverage should the room require it.


Monitors are used for presentations, videos and slides, so it’s important that you get a quality one that is big enough to read from every corner of the room. Check out some tv wall mounts to ensure that it is high enough and at the same time compliant with health and safety regulations.

HDMI/VGA cords

These will allow staff to project images from their laptops, phones and tablets to the monitor provided in the room. You should consider how this will all be organized, and try and avoid having potentially hazardous wires for people to trip up on.

Wifi connectivity

Avoid frozen screen time in important meetings and ensure you have full WIFI coverage from every corner of your conference room and that your signal is strong.

Whiteboard and markers

White boards are very useful for taking down quick notes for the benefit of all attendees, especially useful during brainstorming sessions. Have your white board in view of your camera, so that remote participants can also benefit.

Adequate lighting

It goes without saying that you will need to ensure that the room is adequately lit, in order for participants to make out detail when viewing the room from a camera.

Consider conducting a survey asking staff what their current issues are, and then what they feel they need to make their jobs more productive.

Laying Out the Room



Rather than conforming to the traditional rectangular table consider a round table whereby everyone is encouraged to participate, ensure that any remote participants are effectively given a seat at the table by ensuring the monitor is visible from all angles.


Ensure that chairs are the appropriate height for the table you have chosen and are comfortable but simple in their design and functionality. FConsider how many people will be required to attend conferences in your place of work.

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