Impeccable Features of Puffco Peak Vaporizer

October 06, 2020

What distinguishes a good vaporizer from an ordinary one? Though the answer to this question may vary for every individual based on his preferences, the only constant that ties up all the answers together is the vaporizer features.  If you are an amateur Stoner, your features’ choices will be greatly different from someone who smokes frequently.

But if you are thinking of purchasing a Puffco Peak Vaporizer, you must familiarise yourself with all the basic features of this vaporizer. You can make an informed and educated decision Regarding purchasing it. We understand that this may be a challenging decision for you to make, so we have gathered adequate information regarding the prominent feature of Puffco Peak Vaporizer that will convince you that there is no vaporizer like this one. So, are you ready to be bewitched by the charms of the Puffco Peak Vaporizer? Let’s get started!

What comes in the box?

These following components are what you will receive in the box with the vaporizer. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about the intricate assembling as all the parts and essentials are provided. The vaporizer is relatively easy to assemble and doesn’t eat up much of your time. So, let’s see what you will receive in the box:

  • One Puffo Peak Vaporizer
    The basic apparatus you will attach everything with
  • One Carrying Case

So, you can easily pack your vaporizer in it after use and transport it

  • One Carb Cap Tether
    Will help you keep the carb cap securely placed and adjusted
  • Cleaning Swabs
    To keep the vaporizer clean and well-maintained
  • One Loading Tool
    This will allow you to unload concentrate in the atomizer
  • One Micro USB Cable & Supercharger
    To charge your vaporizer
  • One Carb Cap
    An essential component of the vaporizer
  • One Extra Ceramic Bowl
    Just in case you have slipper hands, and you break the one you are already given

The Technical Specifications

·         Brand Name

·         Type

·         Compatibility

·         Warranty

·         Temperature Settings

·         Heat-up Time

·         Sessions Per Charge

·         Battery Type

·         Battery Capacity

·         Included Coils

·         510 Thread

·         Sesh Mode

·         Use Time

·         Activation

·         MSRP

·         Height

·         Base

·         Weight


º        Puffco

º        E-Nail / eRig

º        Wax/ Dab

º        1 Yeat

º        450 F to 600 F

º        15 – 20 seconds

º        20 – 30 minutes

º        Internal

º        1400 mAh

º        Ceramic

º        Yes

º        Yes

º        10 – 20 minutes

º        Button Activated

º        $299

º        7″

º        2.75″

º        680 grams

What you would love:

These are the few notable features that we believe you will adore of this impeccable vaporizer:

LED Light Band
Via this light band, you can monitor the battery life and the vaporizer’s heating-up period, so you know when it’s ready for use or in need of charging.

Beautiful Design
The unique and attractive design of this vaporizer makes it look sophisticated. Unlike other commonly used vaporizers, it offers good performance and is aesthetically pleasing as well.

Because it can be easily assembled and disassembled, the Puffco Peak Vaporizer can easily be packed and transported anywhere you like. You can detach the components and keep them hidden in your bag, and no one will notice it!

These features are different from the ordinary and make this vaporizer unique and stand out amongst its rivals.

Now that you have carefully appraised the features of this amazing vaporizer, we can surely bet that you are ready to purchase your own Puffco Peak Vaporizer. We hope that you are convinced that you will not be let down by this vaporizer and will enjoy the pleasurable dabbing experience it has in the box for you.

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