Improving Your Image with Excellent Verbal Communication Skills

February 04, 2020



Verbal communication entails the usage of words to convey information to other people. Effective verbal communication skills are essential in the workplace. In a world where most people have similar talents and are competing for the same job opportunities, you need to have additional skills. Improving your communication skills can help you attract more clients and job opportunities. Let’s delve into the details.

Types of verbal communication

The four examples of verbal communication include intrapersonal, interpersonal, small group, and public communication. Intrapersonal involves the silent conversations people have with themselves. Interpersonal is a form of communication that takes place between two people.

Small group communication involves the interaction and conversations of more than two people. While public communication is when one individual is addressing a large group of people, it is essential to learn all the forms of communication and where they apply.

Why is verbal communication essential?

  1. Provides clarity

When talking about efficiency, nothing beats verbal communication. Text-based communications such as chats, messages, and emails are useful in conveying less complicated information. But, verbal communication is vital when discussing more intricate thoughts and ideas.

Verbally presenting information increases the rate at which people can retain the message. For example, during meetings or training sessions, questions can help improve clarity.

  1. Saves time

Verbally conveying information ensures you explain and clarify every detail. Using emails or memos for the same purpose may force you to check if everyone understood the message. Sometimes, you may end up noticing the problems of miscommunication when it’s too late. Strong verbal communication skills can help avoid miscommunication hence saving valuable time.

  1. Increases motivation

Words of appreciation from a leader can boost the employees’ levels of confidence. It is more genuine to hear encouraging words from an employer than using impersonal emails. Verbal communication is an excellent way to make employees and customers feel valued and understood. Other than confidence, it can also help instill trust and closeness with the people you interact with at work.

What are the critical verbal communication skills worth mastering?

  1. Confidence

You do not have to sacrifice confidence to exercise humility. Confidence comes from the appreciation of one’s true abilities, which brings self-assurance. Conversing with confidence involves the words you select, the tone of your voice, eye contact as well as body language. Never start your talk with an excuse or an apology.

  1. Focus on your body language

Your body language can play a significant role when conveying information verbally. Your body language can demonstrate your interest, respect, and confidence. It puts genuine meaning to the words you are using. Remember, non-verbal part makes over 50% of the communication.

  1. Be concise

It takes approximately eight seconds to lose someone’s attention. Most people do not have the emotional energy to make out what someone else is trying to say. It is vital to be clear and concise hence straight to the point.

  1. Using humor and stories

These two qualities are excellent verbal communication skills. Humor and storytelling can help reduce stress and boredom. However, avoid using insults, arrogance, or profanity.

Improving verbal communication skills can help you connect and build rapport with others quickly. It can also help you earn respect, become more likable and acceptable as well as gain influence. The skills will come in handy in your personal and professional life.

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