Knowledge Worth Sharing: 10 Signs You Need to Create an Online Course


Have you ever felt drawn to the world of online courses? Maybe it’s because of their availability, flexible learning, or the range of topics they cover. No matter the reason, they sure offer an immersive and interactive learning experience filled with exercises, additional resources, and practice exams!

People all over the world use the knowledge they’ve gained from an online course to either advance themselves in their field – or start out on their own. Skills, certificates, and licenses from many well-known sites earn respect when found in your resume and, in turn, help build your career persona.

And the greatest of the pros with online courses is the number of topics you can learn about. From starting your own business and investing in real estate to digital art, yoga, and writing. And here’s a fun fact – you don’t have to take those writing courses to succeed! How come?

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Now – let’s get into 10 signs that tell you it’s time to create your own online course! We’ll use Thinkific, an online courses platform, as an example of why and how to venture on your course-creating journey!

1.  in your field

As already said, it doesn’t really matter what the field is; what matters is that you’re a pro at it! Website design, cooking, writing scripts, making music, Physics, dancing, origami – all of these are excellent skills worth sharing.

What’s more important than being a pro in a specific field is – you enjoy it. With that passion, you’d be willing to learn more and develop even further, all of which will be visible in your online teaching. People can feel a difference when someone’s enjoying what they preach and someone who’s just in it for the potential profit.

Thinkific is an excellent platform for finding other creators in the same or similar field you want to teach and checking out their work. That can inspire you to do more to achieve your tutoring goals!

Knowledge Worth Sharing: 10 Signs You Need to Create an Online Course

2.  You’re ready to reach a wider audience

Did you ever experience that feeling of urgency and excitement when learning something you love – to the point where you want to share it with other people so that they can enjoy it, too? That’s precisely the feeling you should embody when teaching that topic you like. It would hurt you to keep it a secret!

When speaking about a wider audience, Thinkific is the place to visit. With more than 100 million courses taken in more than 165 countries, you’ll never be desperate for students to teach!

3.  You love teaching and explaining concepts

Maybe you wanted to be a teacher growing up, or maybe explaining and clarifying concepts comes naturally to you. No matter the case, teaching online is a great opportunity to brush up your teaching skills and bring the abstract down to tangible.

You can implement exercises, short tests, engaging diagrams, and a Q&A section! Your imagination is your limit.

4.  You’re ready to expand your brand

Maybe you already have a business of your own, and your goal is to expand it organically. Online courses are more than perfect for such a feat. Why is that?

  • You can explain concepts you work with every day
  • You have the first-hand experience with related projects
  • You can directly demonstrate practical skills
  • You’ll expand your recognition and reach a wider audience
  • You’ll have a great opportunity for a more than substantial side income

Expanding your brand is a smart move, especially on Thinkific – there are hundreds of courses showcasing real-life experts in their field sharing the knowledge they’ve gained over the years. Join them and help others start on their own, too!

5.  You’re ready for a plan

Almost no project happens without a solid plan, including such grand projects as online courses. If you’re ready to take up that opportunity, you should have strong planning skills. They’ll help you transform the vastness of errands you need to do on the daily into bite-sized steps that are much more manageable.

The plan could start out with determining which skill you feel like teaching the most and organizing it into smaller pieces – lectures. You can then work on each lesson by adding resources, additional info, or other helpful media.

6.  You want a side job and flexibility

Online courses are not cheap, which is more than reasonable considering the amount of research, thought, and work that goes into creating them. As already mentioned, online tutoring is a fantastic way to earn a substantial side income – while ultimately maintaining your flexibility.

You can choose how many topics to cover, lectures to have, and quizzes to think of. There are really no rules for how many hours of effort you should devote to your project each day. You can take as much time as you need to think of different concepts and topics to cover. It’s completely up to you!

7.  You love new challenges

Creating your curriculum from a virtual zero is no less than challenging. If you love to take up new dares, this type of project is perfect for you! You’ll soon realize you have to be your own organizer, IT manager, designer, and so much more.

Lucky for you, Thinkific already takes care of the tech part. They developed a simple interface with easy uploads, drag-and-drop features, and content automation for you – you just have to show up, and teach!

8.  Your ideas are creative and innovative

Great teachers can take the most abstract of concepts – such as advanced Math – and see all the different ways to simplify them and divide them into smaller bits and pieces. It takes a lot of creativity and innovative thinking to do so.

You can practice these skills in many ways. One of which is taking a specific lesson you’ll teach and pretending like you’re explaining it to an audience of middle-schoolers. You’ll soon see that it is no easy task – replacing difficult words with understandable synonyms, drawing diagrams of complex problems, and stopping yourself when you get carried away. But remember, practice makes perfect!

9.  You’re a good organizer and problem solver

As you’ll see, teaching is pretty hard. Unfamiliar situations may arise at any time and create problems out of the blue. Good problem-solving skills are a must when dealing with challenges of teaching as they make the whole process quicker, simpler, and much more smooth.

Thinkific minimizes unexpected situations by powerful customization, total control over your content, data, and rates, and an overall seamless experience. Your classes will flow effortlessly!

10. You want to share your message with the world

This is probably the most important reason you’d like to teach and grow your audience. You believe your message is worth hearing, and you’re ready to put hours of effort into making sure as many people as possible get to it!

Having an online presence is powerful in many ways. Reaching thousands of people and possibly changing the course of their lives. It makes you feel powerful and heard, doesn’t it? Make sure to use this opportunity to spread your message, grow your brand, and create a wonderful learning space for your online students!

The wrap-up

Teaching over the internet is becoming more and more popular. Spreading your knowledge and reaching out to people are goals many potential teachers have. With the possibility of earning a pretty good amount for it, it seems like a perfect business opportunity to take.

Before you go and explore course-creation sites like Thinkific, make sure to equip yourself with lots of patience, creativity, passion, and determination. Create a big plan with bite-sized lectures, and work slowly but methodically on each one. Don’t be afraid of possible problems or challenges – approach them with open arms and, most importantly, be willing to turn your passion into a beautiful project. Many of your future students will be more than grateful you chose to do so!

Good luck – and happy teaching!