Local Saudi Arabian Certified Organizational Culture Consultants are Transcending the Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 with A Bottom-Up Approach


In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, organizations in Saudi Arabia are increasingly recognizing the importance of adapting their cultures to support the ambitious goals of the Saudi 2030 vision. As the country strives to diversify its economy, promote innovation, and enhance the well-being of its citizens, local certified organizational culture consultants are playing a vital role in facilitating this transformation. By employing Arthur Carmazzi’s “Culture Evolution” framework with a  bottom-up approach, these consultants are helping organizations evolve their cultures to align with the vision and get fast visible results to more quickly achieve their strategic objectives.

Arthur Carmazzi, currently ranked as the world’s #1 thinker in Organizational Culture change, has been training Local Ammiratis and certifying them in his internationally accredited Culture Consultant Methodology which offers a transformative approach to organizational culture evolution. Carmazzi’s Culture Evolution framework and organizational culture assessment suggests evolving organizational culture through a bottom-up initiative, allowing the people of the organization to transform the culture from a state of complacency to a dynamic, leadership-enriched environment. This process is facilitated by certified organizational culture consultants who involve transitioning through stages like the Blame Culture, the Brand Congruent Culture, and finally, the Leadership Enriched Culture, each facilitating specific actions and mindset shifts implemented by the organization’s current influencers armed with Directive Communication Psychology (DC) and work gamification techniques.

One of Carmazzi’s key strategies is the use of technology, particularly gamification, to enhance user engagement, motivation, and participation. The Squadli work gamification app, developed by Carmazzi, plays a pivotal role in sustainable motivation by making it easy to provide both positive and negative behavior feedback in a constructive way. This fast and easy feedback system aligns with the dynamic nature of Saudi Arabia’s evolving workplace under Vision 2030, where innovation and continuous improvement are crucial.

To foster a culture of continuous improvement, Certified Organizational culture consultants employ Carmazzi’s strategies implementing systems that provide quick and straightforward feedback (even emotional feedback in a fun nonconfrontational way), recognizing the modern workforce’s need for immediate feedback. This flexibility is crucial in a rapidly evolving economy like Saudi Arabia, where agility and adaptability are key. Additionally, Carmazzi’s approach emphasizes understanding and leveraging the diverse psychological dynamics present in multi-age, multi-cultural groups, which is crucial in a culturally rich and diverse country like Saudi Arabia.

By applying the principles of Directive Communication Psychology, Saudi leaders can better navigate the cultural nuances and diverse workforce, fostering an environment of innovation, inclusivity, and progressive change.

Organizational Culture Consultants succeed in transforming organizational culture with the following 5 steps:

  1. Evaluate Current Culture: Assess the current state of the organization’s culture by conducting surveys, interviews, and focus groups with employees. This will help identify the strengths and weaknesses of the existing culture and provide a baseline for the transformation process.
  2. Identify Gaps: Determine the gaps between the current culture and the desired culture that supports the Saudi 2030 vision. This may involve identifying core values, behaviors, and attitudes that need to be changed or added to the culture.
  3. Engage Key Influencers: Identify and engage key influencers within the organization who can help drive the change process. This team will be responsible for leading the cultural transformation process, creating, and getting feedback from Culture Cells, implementing change initiatives, and monitoring progress.
  4. Work with senior management to get the Pre-approved Guidelines so that when it is presented by the key influencers (within those guidelines) in the final public show, they can just say yes without reconvening to consider the proposal. This will perpetuate the excitement and give the “People” a big WIN!
  5. Implement and Monitor Changes: Implement the change initiatives and monitor their progress regularly. This may involve training programs, policy changes, and other interventions to promote the desired culture. Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of these changes and make adjustments as needed to ensure the transformation process stays on track.

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