Marketing Your Brand with Custom Grocery Bags

September 15, 2019



To comply with environmental regulations, businesses are now using reusable grocery bags instead of disposable plastic bags. For many businesses like grocery stores, this is an opportunity to advertise through this branding platform. It allows you to print promotional messages on the bags while meeting the needs of your customers. Today, many countries have already adopted the ban, and grocery stores have no other option than to come up with reusable bags for the customers.

Creating Custom Grocery Bags

Custom bags meet the needs of your customers in a better way than stock bags. Therefore, you will want a variety of these bags depending on the types of groceries that you sell. So, when designing and creating these bags, here are the factors to consider.

  •       Make them large enough – in the case of disposable plastic bags, clients will not mind carrying as many as they can hold. But with reusable grocery bags, they will wish to carry only one. After all, it is easy to handle. Therefore, they must be available in different sizes. This means that customers will choose the one that suits their needs.
  •       Use durable materials – custom grocery bags should be durable enough to be reused many times. It is up to you to choose a material that meets this requirement. Fabric, canvas and other eco-friendly but durable materials can be used.
  •       Care for the environment – the main reason to ban disposable plastic shopping bags is to stop the degradation of the environment. So, you need to come up with a solution for this issue.
  •       Promoting the brand name – one of the crucial considerations is how the custom bags will promote your brand name. If you visit, you will see how they can make tailor-made bags with a logo and the name of your grocery store.

Distributing the Custom Bags

Now that you have prepared custom bags that meet the needs of your grocery store and customers, it is time to distribute them. Such bags cannot be compared to disposable bags, and they are more expensive to make. This said, the customers will understand if you sell the bags to them. This means that they will be part of your grocery store marketing.

Another creative way of distributing the custom-made grocery bags is by giving them to customers if they make a big purchase. Let the customers know that they will get a free reusable bag if they buy groceries that are worth a certain amount. Once a customer has a reusable bag that is affiliated with your grocery store, they are likely to come back. Many stores have used this trick to both promote their brand and encourage clients to make larger purchases.


Grocery stores can benefit a lot from custom bags that are reusable. From the highlights above, making sure that such a bag will meet the needs of your customers is very important. Also, ensuring that they get into the hands of your clients is essential. They will definitely contribute to the growth of business in many ways.

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