On Nlp For Better Life Come Out of Prison of Conditioning


by Ashok Agarwal

Live like a free bird with wings to fly to take off the flight of imagination and have access to whatever is there on the surface, below the surface and beneath the surface. The sole motto is better, healthier, happier, contented, long , stress-free and disease-free life. Brain is our control room. The brain is in physical form , which can be called as skull too. The mind is in the abstract form containing thoughts. The latest studies and researches in the NLP Zone are continuing across the globe for a major breakthrough in life. The most important thing for someone is to know whether our mind is going in the right direction? Our beliefs and thoughts make us. But unless we leave our mind free it is not going to think something new and positive for our better life. Thoughts are so important that these can make or mar our life. Thoughts lead to words, which in turn leads to actions, habits, personality and in the end become our destiny. Whatsoever we visualize in our life that manifests too. Then why not visualize positive only ? But that is being dictated by our mind which is victim of so many distractions, vices and illusions and is easily lured by lustful desires taking us towards destruction. We need to take work from our wisdom and intellect. The fact is that visible/seen is illusion and invisible/unseen is truth. It has been rightly said that to die is truth and to live is lie. Our senses and mind misguide us. We must not brush aside our intuitions, as it is only our true friend.

For better life one must get liberated / unshackled from conditioning. It is like imprisonment which may gradually take you to the state of breathlessness. We must come out of the PRISON OF CONDITIONING. Pessimistic thoughts bear no fruits except thorns and ultimately your destruction. What can save your life? It is only POSITIVISM. We must dream / think / act / talk / walk and live positive. LIFE IS SIMPLE AND BEAUTIFUL AND ONLY WE HAVE MADE IT COMPLEX. And it is through MIND only . Everything commences from mind / brain which gets translated to language / words / communication and in turn which makes our life go like that.

The whole stress and focus is on NEURO. It only is the key driver and mover of life. Then why not tame it for the better of man? Today this is the great challenge and mystery of present century. Man has suffered a lot because of this only. Can’t we train the NEURO in the right direction? There is acute need for NLP training. The NLP is :—-
N means NEURO / Brain / Mind
L means Language / words / communication
P means Programming

Out of three above the most important is mind (N) from where our thoughts originate. The other two L & P only are the followers of N. N is the leader where innovations can do wonders. If mind is tamed then everything will fall in the right line / order. CONDITIONING stops the fresh and positive thoughts to enter your mind as there is no space left till it is de-cluttered and emptied of negative and toxic thoughts.

Ashok Aggarwal, DELHI
DATED 08.09.2015