Reasons Why Consistent Hydration Is Important For Workplace Wellness

March 11, 2020

Water is essential to our health, even as children we are told to take a few glasses a day to keep ourselves in top form. As we grow older we begin to take different kinds of beverages to satisfy our taste palette, but water remains the number one requirement. It doesn’t only give us a boost, but it’s also part of our daily sustenance. In fact, we would die faster from dehydration than starvation.

Reasons Why Consistent Hydration Is Important For Workplace Wellness

How Can You Keep Track of Your Water Intake?

In our adult life, we are constantly bombarded with responsibilities other than our own and we often forget our well-being as we bury ourselves with work. In an office setting, have you ever taken the time to monitor your water intake? It’s not surprising that we take more coffee or energy drinks rather than a plain old glass of water. As health experts suggest: before leaving your house, (and you will thank yourself for this later on) bring with you a water tumbler and refill each time you finish one. It is a good thing, however, that companies invest in water coolers to address this necessity. The next time you see one, it is best to regard them not as decorative ornaments, but an essential piece of equipment designed to help you take care of yourself. Keeping ourselves hydrated is a basic wellness requirement that we should always comply with.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s important to keep hydrated at work:

1. Keeps You Mentally Sharp

Have you ever experienced a throbbing headache, that you can’t seem to figure out because you should be feeling well? Most of the time a glass of water can alleviate your discomfort. Study shows that fluid losses between 1.3% to 1.56% can affect your mood and mental activity. It’s because that amount of losses is tantamount to mild dehydration. Physical activities or just plain hot weather can affect your fluid levels and keeping yourself hydrated will save you from the effects.

2. Helps Prevent Uncomfortable Joint Problems

Water helps the cells of your muscles get the necessary nutrients and wash away wastes. This helps you perform your physical tasks better and is important in keeping your joints lubricated. If your work involves a lot of physical activities then it’s only vital that you hydrate yourself regularly throughout the day.

3. A Requirement For Good Health

Companies don’t want their employees to get sick and leave work. It’s just not good for business. That is why they provide basic necessities to help keep their people in top form. Keeping yourself hydrated prevents illnesses like kidney stones and other maladies. It cleans the body so you won’t get poisoned by your own wastes. So water is a big part of cleansing as it is in wellness.

4. Keeps The Energy Up

Optimal liquid intake prevents the body from feeling the terrible fatigue of dehydration. In the workplace, we sometimes feel lethargic because we’re not hydrated sufficiently. Even if we’re just sitting down, there is a need for us to keep hydrated because our body is using that water inside for other functions besides physical activity.

Keeping yourself hydrated at work does not only keep you healthy, but it also improves your productivity. It doesn’t matter if you cool yourself down with a refreshingly cold glass of water or you’d want to relax with a warm cup, what’s important is you’re listening to your body’s need. It also doesn’t hurt that having a water dispenser conveniently nearby so you can make your favorite beverage.

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