The Testing Yardsticks For Real Education


by Ashok Agarwal

The real education must help you sailing and navigating the life boat smoothly. The real education will be judged from the viewpoint as to what extent it helps in achieving life goals. The real beauty lies in imparting and practicing values-based education. The real education prepares you for life. It makes you to embrace the realities and hardships of life. It tells you about the length, breadth, depth and height of life. It makes you to live life fully and richly . If it fails to deliver & harness the worthy and the holy within you , it is not real education. Any education devoid and divorced of values is no education. It inculcates and cultivates the finest virtues and traits in your mind, heart and soul. It develops aura, glow and charisma in you. The life boat / vessel must be so strong (means indomitable spirit) to face stormy seas, rough / tough / worst roads of life. It must help you in building bridges of understanding and temples of learning. The walls of partitions, divisions raised because of animosity and vices must be dismantled. For better life, world and society we must sink all differences, discriminations and distinctions. Our mission must be the holy vision of life. We must have compassionate approach to mankind. If education cannot deliver peace, contentment and happiness then it is of no use. LIFE IS WORTH MUCH MORE THAN SIMPLY EARNING LIVELIHOOD AND BRINGING UP / REARING OF CHILDREN. The real worth of life lies in being good and kind to other human beings. THE REAL EDUCATION MUST TEACH US TO VALUE THE FINE VALUES OF LIFE. In times of need and crisis nothing and nobody will come for your rescue except your own wisdom and knowledge. So believe in yourself and have faith in nobler values of life. Attaining material success in life is not the real yardstick for measuring / testing and judging the real education. EDUCATION IS FOR LIFE.EDUCATION NEEDS TO SERVE LIFE. NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN LIFE. LIFE IS INVALUABLE. The real education must develop, hone and polish the finer instincts in you. The real education must acquaint you with the SANSKARAS / values. It must set higher benchmarks / landmarks for you in life. Only real education can help you in achieving newer milestones. Moral, spiritual and aesthetic education is must for all round development. It must develop all your dormant intellectual and emotional faculties (IQ & EQ ) and widen & deepen your horizons and dimensions. The real education will develop you in to a good / worthy citizen. It will widen your outlook. The real education not only focuses on knowledge and information but more important on wisdom, which makes you competent to distinguish between good and bad. Real education makes you enough smart for better living. The real education teaches and makes you ready to walk on the less-traveled / untraveled /new explored holy roads. The real education must equip you with happy, healthy, contented and successful living. It also teaches you that the real living is to LIVE FOR OTHERS. LIVING FOR SELF IS AS GOOD AS LIVING LIKE ANIMALS. The real education enlightens us to distinguish between a human being and an animal. Not only this but more important is the journey from HUMAN BEING TO BEING HUMAN. There is a sea difference between human being and being human. BEING HUMAN MEANS COMPASSIONATE, CONSIDERATE AND TO BE GOOD, NICE AND KIND TO OTHERS. We must find and live for a meaning, purpose and goal in life. In short, the real education lies in dreaming, thinking, talking and walking good. Do good to others and BE GOOD.

Ashok Aggarwal, DELHI