The advantages of Using Collaborative Robots 

November 21, 2020

In recent years, manufacturing companies have experienced a steady increase in productivity. One of the ways this has been made possible is by using collaborative robots. Collaborative robots or cobots are robots created with the ability to work alongside humans in manufacturing companies and other industries.

The use of collaborative robots has numerous benefits to users. Here is how you stand to benefit from using these robots.

They are easy to program.

Before the introduction of commercial robots, traditional robots were used in different industries. Traditional robots require special cages to work for the safety of human workers. This is because these robots cannot be programmed to work alongside humans. In addition, most traditional robots can only be programmed to perform one task at a time. You will also require hiring a skilled programmer to program these robots.

With collaborative robots, you can program them to perform various task alongside human workers, thus eliminating the need for robotic cages. Cobots are made with user-friendly software that can be programmed even by the least skilled employee. This makes it possible to implement a cobot in any manufacturing process quickly.

Easy to install 

Installing a traditional robot can take days or weeks to make it fully functional. On the other hand, installing cobots only takes half an hour to an hour, at most. This is made possible by the user-friendly software that comes installed in cobots. With this ability, you can install cobots as temporary employees in different departments in an organization when need be. Collaborative robots are also flexible employees you can use to perform different tasks at the same time.

Consistency and accuracy 

Collaborative robots are more consistent and accurate than humans. Some of these new-age technology robots can perform tasks with up to 0.1mm accuracy. Also, collaborative robots stick to the job assigned for as long as they are needed. This eliminates the possibility of deviation, which is common with human workers. When tasks are completed with accuracy and consistency, you are guaranteed of the quality of the end product.

Process optimization and increased productivity

Process optimization is one of the most common reasons cobots are used. With collaborative robots, industries and companies can achieve their goals at reduced running costs. Collaborative robots reduce the possibility of errors in processes. They also offer employees more free time to dedicate to other duties in the organization. This collaboration between cobots and humans I bound to yield higher bottom lines and improved product quality. While the cost of using cobots is high, it saves money in the end, resulting in a higher return on investment.

Cobots Impact employees positively.

When you employ collaborative robots to work alongside humans, they work to refine and enhance the processes previously done by human workers. Collaborative robots can be assigned to perform processes deemed as unsafe, monotonous and boring to human workers. They are programmed to perform repetitive tasks with consistency and precision without the need for downtime. With collaborative robots, manufacturing companies can improve quality checks, and promote better assembly of parts.

Because collaborative robots can complete more strenuous tasks, they allow human workers to dedicate their time to more important task in the company. Because employees get the support they need in doing various tasks, they are bound to enjoy their work more.

Cobots save time

In the business sector, time is money, and the use of collaborative robots will save time. Because they are easy to program, it takes away the need to hire experienced programmers to use collaborative robots. Optimizing processes ensures that the manufacturing is faster, thus ensuring products reach the market in good time. The ability of collaborative robots to work hand in hand with human workers for improved speed is an important reason to consider using them.


Collaborative robots are said to be the future of automated industrial processes. With all the advantages, there are more than enough reasons to invest in collaborative robots.


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