The Dangers Of Using AI Translations


The rise of ChatGPT has businesses in many industries experimenting and using AI technology to automate many tasks to free up staff for other jobs. AI can be useful for all kinds of tasks, but it is important to note that the technology is not perfect, and certain tasks and processes still require a human touch. One of the best examples of this is translation. While it is possible to use AI to translate various types of content into languages from around the world, you will find that it is still better to use international translation services. Keep reading to discover why you shouldn’t use AI for your translation needs. 

Lack Of Accuracy

First, you cannot be sure that the content that you are translating will be 100% accurate. Often, translations need to be completely accurate, especially when it comes to important legal documents like contracts. This means that using AI to translate any important documents that you have could lead to disputes and even legal issues that could be avoided by using translation services. Similarly, any technical terms, jargon, or industry-specific terminology could be translated incorrectly, rendering the content useless and frustrating the reader. You always want your content to be 100% accurate in every language, meaning you still need to use a human translator to communicate your desired message in different languages.

Cultural References

You will also find that AI translators will misinterpret cultural references in the content that you are trying to translate. Language is often filled with idioms, cultural references, and phrases specific to a location (especially the English language!). AI translators would attempt to translate these literally, which could cause confusion for the new audience. Professional translation services will know how to translate these references into the new language so that there are no issues and so that the message is not lost in translation. Similarly, AI translators could also unintentionally cause offense that could harm your brand’s reputation and result in lost customers.

Lack Of Human Touch

Undoubtedly, AI is impressive and can assist with many business functions, but it lacks the all-important human touch when it comes to communication. It can be very easy to detect when AI has written something, which means that your content could lose its impact. By using professional translation services, they will know how to retain the author’s creative style and emotion while accurately translating into the new language. International translation services from Brightlines can help your brand communicate in languages from around the world while retaining your brand voice. No matter what type of content you need translating, they will maintain a personal touch that will make the content more engaging. 

No Human Judgement

Similarly, no human judgment is in place when using an AI translator. This means that anything that is translated that is incorrect, offensive, or inappropriate would slip through the cracks. When it comes to translation, you always want to make sure that you have human judgment so that the content can communicate the desired message, and this can only be done with human translators and editors.

Data Risk

In addition to all of the above, you must also consider the data risk involved in using AI translators. If you attempt to translate sensitive or confidential data, you will immediately be putting this at risk when using an AI platform. At a time when cybercrime is rampant, you want to make sure that you are not exposing your data somewhere that it could potentially be leaked or mishandled. Using a trusted company lets you know that your sensitive data will be handled safely. Data breaches are becoming increasingly common and can be costly in more ways than one, so you need to choose the safe option when translating sensitive information.

These are a few of the main risks of using AI translators, but there are others too. While the technology can help businesses with a few tasks, you will find that you still cannot beat the human touch for key services like language translation. There might be a temptation to use AI due to the speed and cost-savings, but you might find that using AI translators takes more time due to mistakes and could even cost you more by the damage caused by inaccurate translations. Therefore, it remains best to use the services of a trusted translation company that will be able to create completely accurate translations that retain your brand voice no matter what language it is being translated into.