The Essential Guide to Achieving your Long Term Goals


We all have dreams and aspirations which may seem too far away or difficult to achieve. Setting long term goals can be extremely challenging, for some people, planning that far in advance can seem daunting, for others, figuring out the necessary steps to get there is too complicated. So let’s break down the essential steps to achieving your long term goals so that you can have something to work towards, and be proud of yourself when you get there.

Personality Types

Everybody has different motivations, methods, and styles of thinking. These differences can be boiled down to personality types. The Myers-Briggs test is the most well known way figure out your personality, and once you’ve figured out which type you are, you’ll have a much clearer understanding of how you’re going to achieve your goals.

The ENTJ personality type signifies a highly motivated and focused person, somebody who would be excellent at setting and achieving their long term goals. Read more about ENTJs, then take the test for yourself. If you happen to be an ENTJ, then you’re in luck! If not, take a look at the differences between the types. A quick comparison should let you know what’s standing in your way!

What is your goal?

You should have a clear idea of what your goal is before you start this process. It can be something as specific as getting a certain job, or something as general as saving more money.

You can figure out your goals with some simple exercises. Write down all of your dreams in a mind map and find the correlation between them, or take some time to yourself with a walk or a weekend alone to think about what makes you tick.

Keeping a journal can be a great tool to help figure out your goals. After a month or two or daily entries, you’ll be able to read back through your days and clearly see what made you happy and what did not. Just make sure to follow the happy parts!


Once you’ve got your goal set in stone, research is essential. You should be aware of all the paths which could lead you to your goal, and how you can find yourself on one of them.

If your goal is career based, then talk to the experts in career planning online, they can help you unlock all of the avenues to success. Another valuable tactic is to research inspirational figures who may have achieved your goal, personal heroes or role models. Find out how they got to where you want to be.

Break it Down

The biggest roadblock for most people is how intimidating your long term ambitions can seem. They can seem too ambitious, too far away, or too expensive. So, once you’ve set your long term aim, you should break it down into milestones, projects, and tasks.

Tasks can be simple daily routines which help you get where you need to go. That could involve research, building a portfolio, or completing exercise routines. By building towards your dreams in small steps, you’re much more likely to find motivation along the way.

There are some fantastic timeline tools available online which will help you along this process, suggesting the ideal ways to break down your aims into achievable chunks. You’ll be halfway there before you know it.


One of the most difficult things about achieving your goals is finding the motivation. It’s all too easy to start a project and lose faith halfway through, or even to never reach the first step. Don’t be disheartened, most people feel the same way!

Thankfully, there are ways around this. You should take pleasure in the small victories, once you’ve broken your ambition down into manageable steps, celebrate after you’ve achieved each one! Reaching a goal is about the journey, so don’t think about how far away you are, just think about how rewarding each step can be.

This is where mindfulness meditation apps come in handy. Using a simple guided meditation on a regular basis can help you to clear your head, see your dreams clearly, and become far more energized to reach them!

Even after reading these steps, your goals are one step closer. Following this simple guide should help you to make your dreams a reality, now it’s all on you to go out and follow them! Remember, everything is less daunting once you’ve taken the first step, so don’t waste and more time!