The Foundation To Your Success


By Bob Urichuck
To be a success in any line of work, you need a solid foundation, just like a building does. Without a solid foundation the building would collapse and so would you. That foundation exists within you and is 100% under your control—it is your attitude.

Your attitude, which stems from your individual beliefs, is the foundation for professional and personal productivity in all aspects of life.

Let me ask you some questions. Answer them honestly.

Do you believe in yourself? How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being low self- belief and 10 being high self-belief?

The rating you just gave yourself is written on your forehead for others to see, as it is also reflected in your body language and in your performance. If you do not have a high belief in yourself, will others?

No one else will believe in you if you first don’t believe in yourself.

Do you believe in your organization? How would you rate your organization on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the worst organization you have ever worked for and 10 being the best?

Do you believe in your team? How would you rate them, 1 being the biggest bunch of idiots and 10 being the best?

What about the products and services you represent, do you believe in them? On a scale of 1, being low and 10 being high, how would you rate them?

The answers to these questions will determine the results you achieve. Clearly, it is your beliefs that determine your attitude. Your attitude determines how you feel and that in turn determines the actions you take. The actions you take determine your end results.

Examine your beliefs and values

If you are not getting the results you seek, the root of the problem lies with your beliefs and values. It is time to exam those beliefs.

Beliefs are often based on external influences such as the media, friends, family, work associates, customers, and so on. External influences can negatively affect our values and beliefs. These influences are subtle and we may not be aware of them.

Let’s take a closer look at your own ratings. Add up the three ratings for your belief in your organization, team, products and services? Divide by three and determine your average. If you average is 6 or less, take my advice and leave the organization. Why? Because you do not believe.

If you do not believe in your organization, team or products or services, you will be stressed. That stress will lead to unhappiness and health-related issues and you will not have an enjoyable life. Nobody wants that to happen to you. So, leave and find something you believe in, as your performance will be at your level of belief.

If your rating is 7 or more, great. Find out where your beliefs are weak, discuss them with others and get yourself up to a 10. When you believe at that level, you also perform like a 10.

Neither I nor anyone else can change your personal beliefs. Only you can do that. The best advice I can offer you is to avoid harmful external influences and to maintain a positive outlook. Focus on the facts and choose the right road to a successful future.

If you truly believe in yourself, you will be far more confident and more aware of current situations. You will not be easily swayed by external circumstances without some analysis.

You will certainly offer better service to others if you embrace the right attitude. You must strive for measurable results and believe in your organization, your team, your products and services, and most of all, believe that you are providing good value for money. This is a winning attitude, the right attitude—the foundation to your success.

Bob Urichuck is an internationally sought after speaker, trainer—founder of the ““Buyer Focused” Velocity Selling System—and best-selling author in six languages. His latest books, Velocity Selling: How to Attract, Engage and Empower Buyers to Buy, and How to Motivate Your Team in 30 Days are new in 2014.
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