The Four Most Useful Marketing Trends of 2020

March 30, 2020

For businesses of all sizes and sectors, marketing remains one of the key areas to prioritize. Without the right investment in marketing, your brand will be more likely to falter in its growth or get overlooked in favor of those competitors that are working hard on brand awareness.

In the digital age, marketing is more about SEO than printed posters, but while it can be confusing, there are solutions.

Technology continues to be the key area to focus on when it comes to your marketing, and 2020 has already seen some amazing opportunities for adopting the latest marketing trends and getting your name out there.

Here are the marketing trends you need to be using in 2020.

The Customer and Their Experience

Every single branch of marketing should be focused on one thing: providing value to customers. That goes for everything from your SEO strategy to your emails. Stop thinking of your marketing as a way to make sales, and adjust your thinking so that it’s firmly aimed at providing value and solutions to your customers.

While there is an information element to a marketing strategy, you also need to provide an experience, especially considering that information itself has never been easier to come by.

Data and Personalization

Big data isn’t just something that Amazon, Facebook, and Google can use. Even the smallest ecommerce brand has access to huge swathes of data that can be easily used to improve the ways in which you communicate your marketing messages. Every good marketing consultant will advise you on the benefits of personalization and how it’s the key to making more sales, so it’s worth making sure that you know how to gather, analyze, and use the data that is at your fingertips.

Don’t add someone’s name to an email and assume you’ve personalized it. Hyper-personalize and your marketing will be far more effective.

Voice Search and Position Zero

The top result of a Google query is now very often a quick answer to the question that you asked. It involves no clicking on a link to get the answers you need. This is called Position Zero (or the Featured Snippet), and it’s set to become one of the toughest battlegrounds for brands in 2020 and beyond. That’s because voice searches using smartphone assistants or smart home speakers are on the rise. People ask questions differently to how they type them, and those smart assistants don’t show a page of options, they just tell you the answers. This looks like making the second result on the front page of Google as redundant as Google’s Page 2.

Video Marketing

While video marketing has been growing in popularity over the last few years, it is now indispensable. Partly this is due to the much-valued Position Zero, but it’s also because consumers simply love video content. This can be a big strategy to adopt, so it’s often worth utilizing the services of a well-known digital marketing agency such as Digital Silk to help guide your video marketing strategy from day one.

If you’re still using the same marketing strategy that you adopted in 2019, then there’s a good chance that you’re already falling behind your competitors. With so many resources available, marketing has never been easier to get right. Get it wrong and your dreams of brand growth may just remain dreams.

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