The Reasons Why Your Business Should be Doing Local SEO

May 11, 2020

No matter how big a business is, local SEO always has the potential to help drive customers to its website. A considerable amount of search engine traffic is from local searches, and businesses cannot afford to be missing out on these clicks.

Not only are millions of local SEO searches made every day, but there are also lots of other benefits to getting clicks from local searches.

Lots of Searches are Local

Around 46% of all Google searches are local. This is a huge number, and it goes to show you can’t afford to be missing out on clicks from local SEO.

Even if you are a national company, you still need to be doing your local SEO because otherwise, you might be reducing your traffic by half. Whatever towns or cities you do business in, you can optimize pages for those locations, so make sure that you are doing at least the basics:

  • Filling out your Google My Business account
  • Doing local keyword research
  • Dedicated pages to your services in each city
  • Local citations

Target the Right Audiences

This point is particularly true for bricks and mortar businesses – not every click is useful. If you are a local car salesman, and you are ranking number one for “used cars” in the entire English-speaking world, you are going to get an incredible number of clicks to your site.

However, many of those clicks are not going to be helpful because you are a local salesman who sells cars to local people.

Local SEO helps those bricks and mortar businesses target the people who are likely to come into their shop and make a purchase by putting them at the top of the rankings for searches like “used cars near me.”

It is a Different Level of Competition

There is always going to be competition no matter what keywords you are competing for. Still, the businesses you are competing with for local SEO can look very different from the competition for national keywords.

For example, if you type “new cars” into Google and compare the results to what you get for “new cars in Oswego IL,” then you are going to see very different companies coming up.

For the national results, you have huge companies such as Autotrader with huge advertising budgets to dedicate to SEO. For the local results, however, you are competing with smaller local businesses that you have a better chance of outranking.

Local Searchers Have High Buyer Intent

When you use the services of a top digital marketing agency like Searchbloom to get your local SEO right, you reach people with a high buying intent.

The stats behind local SEO are impressive, but perhaps the most exciting one is the fact that 78% of location-based mobile searches result in an offline-purchase. If you are the local Oswego car salesman, then this is exactly what you want.

When you reach people through a local result, you are putting your business in front of someone who is looking to make a purchase.

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