Three Legal Ways to Protect Your Company’s Digital Marketing Assets


All of your company’s assets are important, but too many organizations overlook how important it is to legally protect their digital marketing assets.

A broad range of things can be considered digital marketing assets, including your company website, social media profile designs, email themes, and content like videos, blogs, audio, and images.

Ultimately, many key things that you use to boost your marketing campaigns can be classified as digital marketing assets.

You should protect those assets to prevent competitors from stealing your designs and content and to have the right to take legal action if they do. According to Piloto Asia, you should protect those assets to prevent competitors from stealing your designs and content and to have the right to take legal action if they do.

So, check out the following three ways in which you can protect your company’s digital marketing assets.

Three Legal Ways to Protect Your Company’s Digital Marketing Assets

1.     Copyright Your Digital Marketing Assets’ Creative Works

The best way of protecting digital marketing assets is to identify any assets that can be classified as intellectual property. By protecting your intellectual property with things like copyright and trademarks, you can ensure your digital marketing assets cannot be copied without permission.

By filing for copyright and trademarks early on, you will be well-positioned to fight your intellectual property rights in court should the situation arise. Find out more about innovative intellectual property solutions from the experts at Heer Law.

When your digital marketing assets involve original creative works, you need to protect them with copyright.

You can protect a range of items, from logos and sound recordings to images and video content.

By owning the copyright on intellectual property, you prohibit others from reproducing all or a substantial part of any of your copyrighted items without your consent.

2.     Trademark the Words and Designs of Your Digital Marketing Assets

When it comes to the words and designs used in your digital marketing assets, protecting with trademarks is the way to go.

You can trademark things like your business name, company slogan, and brand designs, all of which are important digital marketing assets.

Not only do trademarks protect your business’s words and designs from being stolen and used without permission, in which case you can take the perpetrators to court to claim compensation. Trademarks also act as assets themselves.

When names, slogans, designs, and distinctive shapes have the trademark symbol next to them, customers place more trust in your company and you are able to attain brand recognition much quicker.

3.     Protect the Industrial Designs of Your Digital Marketing Assets

You can also legally protect industrial designs by registering the designs with your country’s intellectual property office.

As with copyrights and trademarks, it is best to get the advice of a lawyer who specializes in intellectual property law to ensure your application process runs smoothly.

Industrial designs have to do with the visual features of a pattern, shape, or configuration. To be eligible for registration, the design you want to protect must be wholly original.

If industrial designs are a key part of your digital marketing assets, you should definitely consider protecting them so that no one can copy your designs and you can maintain a unique place within your market.

Summing Up

To protect digital marketing assets like your business website, you need to take steps to safeguard against hackers. That means using things like two-factor authentication, managing rights and access, and following the best Wi-Fi security protocols.

But when it comes to the intellectual property aspects of your digital marketing assets, you need to ensure you protect all of your key names, designs, and content with either copyright, trademarks, or industrial design protection.

You can then prevent rivals from copying your unique digital marketing assets and start taking your brand to the next level.