Three Simple Tricks to Boost your Web Traffic


Whether you’re running a blog or an online store, you’ll measure your success, in part, by the amount of traffic you’re drawing to your website. Low volumes of traffic can cost a business, even if you’re selling brilliant products at great prices. High traffic, meanwhile, can drive your products through the roof. So a focus on building web traffic is important for all those who own a website. Here’s how you’ll see some established tricks to make the traffic as high as possible in the coming months. 


Search engine optimization is perhaps the most important tool you can use to boost your traffic. It’s a field that requires incredibly diverse skills and learned techniques, and as such, it’s relatively difficult to do on your own. Instead, you should look to OuterBox SEO and other agencies to help you build out a strategy that’ll get your firm seen by more people when they look for companies just like yours on Google.

There are dozens of SEO strategies that you could use. The simplest includes making sure that your firm features all of the keywords that you think best represent you. But you should also condor guest posting and backlinking, both of which will help encourage Google to rank you higher on its search engine results pages.


Whenever you’re featured on another website, your SEO is boosted. More than that, though, if you’re featured on a website that happens to receive high volumes of traffic, you’ll also draw some of that traffic onto your own website. Think here of online lists of businesses that could be useful for consumers – if you feature on those, you’ll enjoy more traffic from the people who are encouraged to check out your website.

You don’t have to wait for another website to decide that you’re worth featuring. You can get in touch with them to propose a guest post about all that you do as a company. If there’s a preexisting post that you feel you should feature on, you can contact the editor of the post to ask whether they’d be interested in including your firm in their list.

Social Media 

Another key way to draw people onto your website is to set up social media pages. These are effectively a wholeness source of traffic since social media users will not be searching Google for your company but will instead consume their media via the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Every consumer that finds your page and goes from your social media pages onto your website via a hyperlink is highly valuable. They’ll have decided that your website is worth browsing, and that means you may have a higher chance of converting them into a customer. In any case, ensure your social media pages are regularly updated and posted to increase the chance of generating traffic in this way.

There are dozens of different ways to increase traffic to your website, but these three listed above are some of the most effective and simple, helping you to quickly generate the traffic that’ll eventually boost your profits to new heights.