Tips to motivate your employees


You’ve set up a business and hired some great people. The next step is to keep them around and help boost their motivation and productivity. There are lots of ways to go about this, but make sure that your staff feel recognised and respected. Although a competitive salary is a great starting point, studies have shown that encouragement and a good work-life balance are some of the best motivations for employees.

To keep your staff happy and motivated for as long as you can, take a look at these tips for motivating your employees to help your business grow and show your staff the recognition they deserve.

Offer incentives and team building days

Workers are increasingly motivated by good employee benefits. Consider offering your employees a great benefits package such as a bonus, private healthcare, qualifications, or even smaller things on a day to day level, such as free fruit or afternoon snacks. Research has shown that providing your employees with free food in the office can increase the happiness of your staff by 11%.


Organising team building days and events can be another great way to motivate your employees. Workers who get on well with each other will work better in a team, and improving office relationships can really boost morale and productivity. Think of fun activities workers can do together, such as an escape room or a treasure hunt around London and watch as your employees flourish.


It is also important to motivate your employees by giving them space to grow within the company. Reward employees for work well done and company loyalty by considering them for positions that open up, for example, if you open another location, above external applicants. Giving your employees opportunities for growth and rewarding them for hard work makes them more likely to work hard in the future and stay with your company long-term.


Make your business somewhere employees want to be

An aesthetically pleasing workspace is the first step to happy employees. Decorate your office space with colours to help you focus, and include lots of natural light if you can. Consider the fact that your employees are spending all day in this space and keep things neat and colourful. Include nice furniture, art and plants to make the space somewhere nice to spend time.

Additionally, make sure all of your equipment is up to date. An old, slow computer will not just slow down work but also frustrate staff, slowing them down further and resulting in lower quality of work.

Reward hard-working employees


Make sure to give your employees feedback and recognition. If they’ve performed well or you’ve noticed them putting in a lot of extra time on a big project, make sure to praise them. If employees feel that they are being seen and appreciated, they are more likely to keep working hard.

Companies that offer reward programs report higher levels of employee productivity and engagement, as well as lower employee turnover rates. These are both crucial to running a successful business, so no matter how you’re showing recognition – a private thank you or a company-wide email – let your hard-working staff know that you appreciate them.


Keeping your employees motivated is so important for a productive and efficient workplace. Offer them rewards, organise exciting team training days and turn your office into a bright, welcoming space to keep workers happy and motivated. If you’re looking to go further, ask your team what they value and what would make them happy. Identifying what it is that your employees want will make them feel heard and motivate them to work even harder.