Top 6 Part-Time Jobs Suitable for Retirees


Securing a job after retirement is often considered by many retires for several reasons. Nevertheless, seniors who are looking for a part time job may require special considerations when it comes to job selection. Such considerations may include, for instance, flexibility as well as accessibility needs. As such, if you’re contemplating options for jobs after you retire, try using this list of potential jobs for retirees to guide your selection.

Substitute teacher

The principal duties of a substitute teacher entail filling in for full-time teachers in instances where full-time teachers are absent or sick. As a substitute teacher, you can fill in for several teaching disciplines. The duties you may perform include, for instance, taking attendance, instructing daily curriculum, or assigning activities to students while their tutor is away. The average salary for a substitute teacher is about $10.59 per hour.

Retail worker

The roles of retail workers range from welcoming customers to assisting them to decide on what to purchase. As a retail worker, you may also work in the customer service section, handling tasks such as gift wrapping or on the sales floor helping customers as they shop for their preferred products. The average salary for a retail job is around $ 11.91 per hour.

Resort work

Working in a resort is also one of the best part time jobs for retirees, especially if you are seeking leisure because it feels more like a vacation. The roles of resort workers include providing customer service in concierge-related duties such as offering assistance at the golf course, assuming lifeguard duties, or helping vacationing guests. The average salary of a resort worker is $ 12.03 per hour.

Event Staff

The duties of event staff include working at a particular venue or festival. For instance, an event worker is expected to offer services to event attendants such as checking them in, responding to their questions, and providing security or first aid, among other related duties. The average salary in this type of job is $12.74 per hour.


As a driver, you can work as a transportation professional for a taxi or ride-share service. Besides, you are also expected to be responsible for the safe travel of customers your transport. However, you need to be highly conversant with the local area in that you offer transportation services to customers and possess sharp operational skills concerning driving as well as prioritizing safety. The average salary for working as a driver is around $14.45 per hour. In addition, you can also do delivery driver jobs as an additional hustle.


Babysitters are tasked with caring for and comforting children in their charge. Babysitters are often hired by parents who have other engagements other than taking care of their children, such as going out to work, having a date night, or traveling. As a babysitter, you can work in a home setting where there is a child or at facilities involved in offering sitting services, such as a community center. The average salary of a babysitter is approximated at around $16.08.


If you are a retiree and looking for a part time jobs for retirees that is your right fit, the above guide can help you make an informed choice of a job that resonates with your present needs and wants.